Armstrong not using flyers to criticize Trudeau

Darrell Cole
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Conservative MP angry with Liberal mail-outs to his riding

Cumberland Colchester Musquodoboit Valley Conservative MP Scott Armstrong.

OTTAWA – Cumberland Colchester Musquodoboit MP Scott Armstrong is not using his taxpayer-funded flyer to slam new Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau, but that doesn’t mean he’s a fan.

The Conservative MP said he uses his flyers, also known as 10 percenters, to talk to constituents about local issues and that he reserves the right to criticize the Liberal Party’s new leader.

“All parties and all MPs use mail-outs in accordance with rules set out by Parliament and it’s the responsibility of the member of parliament to communicate with his constituents on issues that are important to them,” Armstrong said Thursday from Ottawa. “Mail-outs are done by all members of all parties, but I do find it hypocritical for Liberals to be complaining about flyers that question Trudeau’s experience and judgment while they continue to send negative flyers into my riding.”

Armstrong said he uses his flyers to focus on issues that are important to constituents, including local projects and inviting residents to town hall meetings and other events.

“I have no plan to change how I use those tolls, but I do reserve the right compare and contrast the experience of the Liberal leader with that of the prime minister,” he said. ‘The prime minister has been one of the most highly-credited international leaders for a number of years now. What has Trudeau ever done to qualify himself for being prime minister other than being born with the same last name.”

Conservative MPs received a sample of the flyer about Trudeau last week. It matches recent TV ads that question the Liberal leader’s ability to lead.

The advertising campaign, that started the day Trudeau was elected party leader, has seen some backlash from voters, although Armstrong said the response he’s received is no different than other campaigns.

What angers Armstrong is Liberal MPs who sent the mail-outs, that are supposed to go to their constituents, to the party leader’s office so they can be sent to Conservative ridings.

“We passed a rule last year that says MPs are not supposed to send flyers to other MPs’ constituents,” Armstrong said. “During the campaign I said I would never send a 10 percenter to another MP’s riding and I never have. The problem I have now is have Bob Rae sending them in on EI and Lawrence MacAulay sending them in on fleet separation. So, I have the Liberals sending these flyers into my riding on a consistent basis that attack the party, attack our policies and attack our leader. But when we send something out that questions the experience of the Liberal leader we can’t do that.

“If Justin Trudeau wants to be prime minister he can’t complain about other parties saying things about him when he’s doing exactly the same thing.”

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  • watchdog
    May 03, 2013 - 11:48

    I would watch what I say Mr Armstrong,remember what happened to Mr Casey.On the outside looking in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!