Golden Eagle declared dead

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Funeral arrangements yet to be made for mascot

Springhill High students Dylan “Biggie” Porter (left) and Cody Rector say their school mascot, the Golden Eagle, is a phoenix that can be reborn but it’s going to take some time and money.

SPRINGHILL –There’s very little pride left for Springhill High’s mascot.

Student Cody Rector could see something needed to change if anyone was going to feel inspired by the Golden Eagle – dubbed the “chicken suit” by some - again.

“If I asked where the eagle suit was, no one knew what I was talking about,” Rector said. “Even a new teacher here only knows it as the chicken suit.”

Decades old, the well-worn suit is held together with safety pins. The musty mask, once described as a burglar’s ski mask with a beak taped to it, has long gone missing. Acknowledging what little pride was left in the suit had expired, Rector and fellow student Dylan “Biggie” Porter’s were inspired to take the next step: to bury the suit in a ceremonial fundraiser for a new mascot.

“We brought the idea to Mr. Choisnet and he thought it was a great idea,” Rector said.

“It caught him off guard,” Porter said.

With the school’s blessing to raise money for a new suit, Rector raised $100 on the first day towards the expected $5,000 bill a professionally-crafted suit will cost. Both Rector and Porter are networking online to find the best suit while outlining fundraisers that will be dedicated to the purchase.

“If we’re going to do something that will last, we’re going to do it right,” Rector said. “I think it will still be around 20 years from now.”

The students are vesting their time into a school concert in April, with daytime performances for students and evenings for everyone. A school dance will see the proceeds go towards the new mascot and donations are being accepted at the school.

Moving forward, there will still be the issue of giving the “chicken suit” its last hurrah.

“You can’t just throw it out. It’s been around too long,” Porter said.

“It has to be something community-oriented,” Rector said.

Rector and Porter are organizing a funeral for everyone to pay their final respects to the suit that rallied the crowds, danced on the sidelines and added a little tomfoolery to sometimes serious moments in Springhill High’s athletics.

While its evident the present mascot is dead, funeral arrangements have yet to be made.

Anyone wishing to make a donation to purchase the new mascot can contact the Springhill High School.

Organizations: Springhill High School

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Recent comments

  • hales
    March 15, 2013 - 04:15

    i wore the suit for soccer games, it brought smiles upon the faces of our small town & the faces of the other teams! it was such a fun time in the eagle suit, :(

  • Daniel B.
    March 12, 2013 - 07:33

    I used to wear that all the time back in the mid 80's. It's hard to believe it's still around. As silly as it looked it should be given a respectful funeral with a bit of hommage paid to June for making it for us. Man, the things I got away with in that thing...

  • noodle
    March 07, 2013 - 09:11

    Haha! That was the worst mascot eagle head.... ever!! A funeral for the stinky remains of that costume is pure marketing genius! Perhaps you could do an obit something to the effect of losing his head in a tragic fried chicken accident, hahaha! Love it!

  • chuck
    March 07, 2013 - 07:31

    I've worn that suit a few times.I think that it should hang from the rafters in the gym....hopefully the new gym!!!!