Dumped kittens meet sad ending

Jocelyn Turner
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Kittens found in sealed container euthanized by shelter


AMHERST – Ten kittens taken to the Moncton SPCA after abandoned on an Amherst doorstep have been euthanized. The kittens were taken to the SPCA in hopes of finding a home.

“We had an outbreak of the panleukopenia virus,” said Karen Nelson, the executive director of the SPCA. “It’s a deadly cat virus.”

Unfortunately, she said all the cats at the shelter were exposed to the virus, including the 10 kittens.

“They became ill,” she said. “On the advice of the vet, we had to euthanize them.”

Nelson said the situation was very hard on the staff.

“But that’s the battle we always fight being a shelter. When we strays come in, we don’t know what they’re bringing in to us,” she said. “We don’t know if they’ve been vaccinated, not vaccinated or what they’ve been exposed to.”

Cheryl La Rocque, who found the kittens and brought them to the shelter was devastated to learn about the euthanization.

“The Moncton SPCA) had a place where they could go. They had an amazing set up for kittens. I was advised by numerous people that this would be the best outcome for them. It looked like everything was going to be fine,” said La Rocque. “If I had known about the panleukopenia virus, I wouldn’t have taken them there. But I did not know. I am extremely upset.”

La Rocque said she had hoped there would have been a way to test them in order to prevent the euthanization of the kittens.

It is uncertain how the cats and kittens at the shelter became exposed to the virus, Nelson said. All the cats at the shelter are vaccinated as they come into the shelter. She said some of the cats, or kittens, could have already had the virus upon vaccination, as the vaccine cannot protect an animal who has already been infected. But nothing is certain.

The best protection a cat can have, Nelson said, is to be vaccinated against the virus and be given their booster shots on a regular basis.

Geographic location: La Rocque, Moncton

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Recent comments

  • Animal lover
    January 22, 2013 - 10:32

    Unfortunately all animals cannot be saved. The shelters and Spca do the very best they can do.It would be great to have good homes for every abandoned animal.Unfortunately, that is just impossible. You cannot just dump unlimited amounts of animals at doors and expect them to all live happily ever after. It's just not humanly possible. I see dozens of feral cats in many places .It's not their fault they are there, it's the fault of people who don't care enough about them to spay , neuter , feed and keep them healthy. It sometimes is the best option to respectfully and humanely put them down.It's much better than have them starve, freeze or have a wild animal kill and eat them.

  • cat Mom
    January 20, 2013 - 23:45

    This is the fault of all the non responsible owners who do not spay/neuter their cats or vaccinate them. This is also why animal Shelters do not let animals go to homes who do not have good vet records they do not want to add to the problem that is already out there. People who can not afford pets medical care have no right to own one. All this careless breeding is the problem but who gets the blame, the ones who are trying to help that is who. The laws need to be harsher on people who want to have animals and if you can not afford to keep yourself then what right do you have to get a poor dependent animal. The shelters do what they can and people need to be more supportive of them. Why not start a fund at your local vets and help spay/neuter unwanted cats. Or give money to your local shelter who put in countless hours trying to care for the over whelming supply of unwanted cats. Every time negative comments about SPCA's or Shelters come out then that causes more animals to suffer as some people who read it may stop giving to them so that may mean one less cat somewhere being spayed/neutered or vaccinated. I feel bad for the cats at the SPCA who had to be put down but I feel worse for the ones still out there freezing and starving because of people who are too cheap or careless to care about being a responsible pet owner. If you are low income you can actually do more good for your childern by volunteering at your local SPCA or Shelter and not watching their pet not always being feed because there is no money for food or looked at by a vet and spayed/neuter and vaccinated so they don't have to watch them having kittens that end up sick and dieing. If you can not afford the vet then please don't have the pet.