Baillie pledges to balance budget, cut HST

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Speaking to caucus, candidates

Cumberland South MLA and PC Party Leader Jamie Baillie speaks to party members on Saturday.

HALIFAX - Progressive Conservative leader and Cumberland South MLA Jamie Baillie unveiled his party’s plan to turn around Nova Scotia’s troubled economy at a campaign readiness conference in Dartmouth on Saturay.


Baillie said the PC Party’s platform for the next election will focus on three key economic objectives.

“Lower taxes. Stop wasteful spending. More jobs,” Baillie told the audience of 130 candidates and their campaign officials from across Nova Scotia.

“It’s a formula for success for our economy. Lowering taxes plus putting a stop to wasteful spending equals more jobs,” said Baillie, adding that as a Chartered Accountant, he wants “a plan for Nova Scotia that adds up”.


Baillie says the burden of higher taxes and unaffordable power rates must be reduced.


“The NDP have taxed away $1,000 from everyone in higher HST. We will cut the HST and put that money back in the hands of Nova Scotians,” said Baillie. “We will freeze power rates and move to more renewable energy at a pace we can afford. Electricity schemes we can’t afford are squeezing the family budget and killing jobs.”


Baillie said the billion dollars that the NDP have given out in bailouts and handouts was “wasteful spending” that could have been put to better use in education and re-training.


He said the expense of Nova Scotia’s top-heavy healthcare administration would be better invested in reducing the now record-breaking long-term care waitlist.


“We will balance the budget, cut the HST, freeze power rates and knock down the barriers to job creation in Nova Scotia,” said Baillie. “The NDP and Liberals will not.”

Organizations: NDP, PC Party

Geographic location: Nova Scotia, HALIFAX, Dartmouth

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Recent comments

  • Believer
    November 27, 2012 - 00:00

    Baillie,sounds worse then the last PC leader we had.Yet Dexter said just about the same thing,just before he was elected and see what that foolish talk has accomplished.

  • Joe Roberts
    Joe Roberts
    November 26, 2012 - 11:02

    really Sparky? Shilling for a party that advocates a recall policy in what would be a 4 party state if they were elected? The Atlantica Party can't even take care of their public messageboard with a thousand generic ciallis and fake rolex threads. A 40% recall threshhold.... hmmm, in our existing 3 party political state, how many would have approximately 60% against them the day they were elected? Most by my recollection. B.C. (where they took this idea from) is basically a two party system (Lib & NDP) Just look at the joke recalls were in either Wisconsin and the most collossal mess - Cali, which gave California the Schwarzenegger disaster. Let's have more democracy in existing parties, not create yet another amateurish mess. From a party that entertains discussing U.S. Statehood, separation and even joining the U.K., they show they are deserving of societies apathy.

    • sparky
      November 27, 2012 - 19:19

      Well Joe, what would you suggest? Yes, the recall idea was taken from BC. Also is the idea of a smaller public sector, and lowering tax rates for everyone because of this. The only difference in the three parties here is the colour on the signs. This province is dying the death of a thousand cuts from the same old same old with no sign of change, and i think that it's about time that we look at the options. at least this party doesn't mandate canidates to vote party lines, regardless of what's best for their constituents. IMO

  • sparky
    November 26, 2012 - 08:41

    To everyone out there, there is a new alternative to these old same old- same old parties. Check out the atlantica, they have plans to bring the province back on budget and to create jobs while making our elected officials accountable. John i completely agree with you, the Liberals will say the same thing as well. The NDP were supposed to be different, then Dexter and his cohorts broke every election promise in the first month! The Atlantica party wants to bring in recall legislation, so if someone isnt doing a good job in the eyes of the majority of people, they can vote to have an election in the riding essentially firing him. JMO

  • Art Turnbull
    November 26, 2012 - 02:30

    This is just more Conservative Party propaganda. Don’t you know we aren’t stupid enough to fall for the same refurbished party line anymore? Why don’t you change the name of your paper to the Tory Daily News and at least we won’t get you mixed up with an independent publication?

  • Another Thought
    November 25, 2012 - 18:35

    Same old same old....HS! We hear the same thing every time we are coming upon an election. Same tune just from a different candidate. They say the same thing but never share with us this magic plan that will fix our economy, overspending, and taxes. Please tell me how you plan to balance the budget with lower taxes and less spending? You do not have the guts to freeze power rates or touch NSP's monopoly...because you'll need a job after you're done your stint in politics. How will you cut the barriers to job creation? Details sir...details! If someone runs with a plan, a solid realistic plan...they get my vote.

  • John
    November 25, 2012 - 12:20

    "Baillie pledges to balance budget, cut HST" Him and every politicial party leader before him before they are elected, then oops the books are a mess from the previous party and we just are not able to.