Bear trap set in industrial park

Eric Sparling
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A black bear has been spotted in town around the industrial park. Natural Resources has placed a trap in the area in an attempt to capture the bear.

AMHERST – Frank Marks is concerned.

“This thing’s been up into Bayview Drive,” said Marks.

The owner of F&K Computers, in Amherst, said a black bear has been frequenting the area. He said it was also seen at Eddy Group, and a couple of times on McCully Street. Tracks were found behind Esso and bear scat behind A&W, according to Marks.

“Problem is, they’re not letting (anybody) know,” said the shop owner, who also said he hunts bears.

Marks fears someone, maybe a child, is going to get hurt if they don’t know to take precautions because of the animal’s presence.

He estimated the bear was two or three years old.

“That’s not something you want to play with,” said Marks. “They need to get ahold of this bear.”

The shop owner said people don’t realize how dangerous black bears can be: “They are very powerful animals.”

He provided an anecdote of a black bear in Oxford being fed donuts by people.

“When you run out of donuts, guess what?” he said rhetorically.

The hunter thinks the bear has gotten used to easy food near people, and a live trap isn’t going to solve the problem.

“I know what has to happen…I think he needs to be euthanized.”

Terry Moore is a fire technician with the Department of Natural Resources. He was just coming off vacation and had little information, but was able to confirm a live trap has been placed in the area.

Amherst police were notified of the bear sightings.

“I think we had three separate calls,” said Sgt. Bob MacPherson. All three calls came Aug. 13. Tupper Blvd. was mentioned as a location.

That was the day George Douglas saw the bear, which he described as a cub about a year old. Douglas works at Eddy Group.

“We were very surprised to see it,” he said.

Douglas didn’t sound too concerned. He said the cub seemed curious and was looking at him and his human companions.

Peter MacDonald is a large animal biologist with the Department of Natural Resources.

“We don’t know,” he said, when asked how many black bears reside in the province, but thought an estimate of 10,000 might be in the ballpark. MacDonald said he isn’t aware of any injuries reported to DNR caused by black bears this season.

“Generally bears are very shy animals,” he said.

They can become a threat when they get used to people, according to the biologist.

“Any wildlife is dangerous,” he said. 

The biologist mentioned a number of options for dealing with a bear in close contact with human habitation, including relocating and euthanasia, depending on circumstances. Some cases may be dealt with by removing the item(s) that may be attracting the animal.

Organizations: Eddy Group, Department of Natural Resources, Esso

Geographic location: AMHERST, Bayview Drive, McCully Street Oxford

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Recent comments

  • Jo-Ann
    August 22, 2012 - 22:42

    It is not the Bears fault so relocate it and give it a chance to live. If the supermarkets started giving free food how many people would be hanging out there ya you bet a lot. People and animals do what they have to do to survive. Animals as well as people will take the easiest path to food and shouldn't be killed for doing what comes naturally. Also if they have to be euthanized what do they do with it ? Does the meat go to feed the hungry or thrown away and wasted just a thought .

  • Jeremy K
    August 22, 2012 - 15:10

    Green Bins and clear cutting are the problem. Not the bear, green bins look like some bait bins which people use to hunt bear with, we have been baiting bears for years in ns. Now we have green bins sitting out at the end of your driveway all the time. Ever go for a drive the night before compost collection in or out of town? I have and its dangerous there are animals everywhere at the end of driveways!

  • Root Bear
    August 22, 2012 - 13:52

    All these folks yappin about the green bins...remember what happened to food waste before the green bins? 5pts to the first person to say "it just went in our garbage bags and set outside"

  • bb
    August 22, 2012 - 11:13

    The bears are coming into the area because of ill responsible people leaving food and trash in the area. As it is not bears fault and as such they deserve a chance to be live trapped and relocated. I been around lost of bears and most want to avoid people. The people that are suggesting they be killed are being real jerks.

  • Jennifer Cormier
    August 22, 2012 - 09:52

    Exactly, "Some cases may be dealt with by removing the item(s) that may be attracting the animal," such as, The Green Bins! Getting rid of these will keep many forms of Wild Animals from wandering around Town, the smell after two weeks in the heat must travel for miles! I am Green and All about composting, but anyone who knows anything about composting knows there are proper ways to do it which limit the odors which are KNOWN to attract animals, which is not the case with the Green Bin protocol. I ask, how many more bears must die because we refuse to change?

  • Robert
    August 22, 2012 - 09:44

    Some cases may be dealt with by removing the item(s) that may be attracting the animal? Lets see, every home in that area has a big green compost bin filled with food, no wonder there is a bear hanging around. FREE FOOD! Where would you like us to remove them to?

    August 21, 2012 - 20:23

    I live inthe area that the bear was seen and I had police driving up and down my street the other night shining there spot lights in our yards...I become concerned as to why they were doing that so I called the the Amherst police and that is when they informed me that there was a bear spoted in the area but it was an uncomfirmed sighten.....This all took place on Thursday August 16th, On Friday August 17th the bear was spoted in the Lions Ballfield on Cornwall Ave. Contacted DNR snd that is when we found out that a trap was set in the area trying to catch it. Later on that evening we came home to a door hanger on our door regarding bears and what you should do if you come in contact with one or see one.....I believe the DNR and the Amherst Police Department are doing the best they can and do not want to cause Panic to the people in the area...

    • wondering
      August 22, 2012 - 12:47

      This is scary stuff and I hope it is caught without harm to animal or human...but on the lighter side, I see it may have been behind the A&W...wonder if it will be found wearing a bright orange sweater???