Patience wearing thin over Collingwood road

Andrew Wagstaff
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The shoulder has been washed out on this turn on the Wentworth-Collingwood Road for more than five years, according to area residents.

COLLINGWOOD - A washed out section of shoulder on the Wentworth-Collingwood has drawn concern from Cumberland County council, who are calling on the provincial Department of Transportation and Public Works to take action.

After several years of waiting, however, residents of the area and at least one county councillor have lost patience with the situation.

"I think it's appalling that this has to be brought up through council and that it's not being dealt with," said Councillor Kathy Redmond. "This is very dangerous, and it's a route to get to the toll highway."

The washout occurred more than five years ago and has gradually worsened since then, according to area resident Wendell Purdy. In spots the entire shoulder of the road is washed away, leaving a 10-12-foot drop at the edge of the asphalt.

The concern over the road is compounded by the fact that the washout is located on a turn in the road.

"It's a wonder people haven't slid off the road there because they don't salt the road good at times," he explained. "If anyone ever did leave the road there they'd be killed because the hole is so deep they would just roll over and be crushed."

The situation is also dangerous during blueberry season, Purdy explained, as the wide harvesters move from one field to another.

"When we meet traffic on the road we have to get down on the shoulder," he said. "But if you get four or five harvesters traveling around that corner and meet a car, there's nowhere for them to go."

At the time of the original washout, Purdy said Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal crews did some minimal repairs, but have never returned despite repeated calls and meetings.

Neither area manager Buffy White nor local supervisor John McAllister could be reached for comment.

"I would like to see us send a strong letter to the minister of transportation, sharing the frustration of these people, because this is not something that just happened recently," said Redmond, during the March 7 council session. "This is something that has been getting progressively worse and has now worsened to the point where it's dangerous."

Council agreed to send a letter to Transportation Minister Bill Estabrooks about the issue.

Organizations: Cumberland County council, Department of Transportation and Public Works, Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal

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Recent comments

  • Shona Conrad
    March 15, 2012 - 21:20

    I travel this particular road numerous times throughout the year to visit family and am appalled at the condition has been allowed to become. It is a topic of conversation at every visit. I left this area in 1987 to live in Halifax and in all the years I travelled it prior to leaving, I never recall it being this poorly maintained. Obviously nobody in government office has ever had to drive on it as it would surely never be deemed appropriate for any vehicle other than an armoured tank!

  • Kathy Stevens
    March 15, 2012 - 16:58

    Not only is this part of the road washed out but the whole road from the highway right into Collingwood is aweful! We were promised that when the new toll highway was complete we would have our road paved because of the damage done by all the trucks hauling to build the new highway......Well that has yet to happen! There has been some patching over the years to help make people happy but the road... is beyond patching. Just take a drive between Collingwood and Exit 8 and you will see. But be prepared to take your time though because the top speed you can reach to dodge the holes and bumps is about 20kms hour. It is about time the government came through with its promise from over 10 years ago to the local people and pave our road!!