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UPPER NAPPAN – In response to a letter to the editor in the Amherst Daily News on March 5 (“Shame on ‘you know who’”), the Municipality of Cumberland County is questioning the Town of Amherst’s policy when it comes to hospitality rooms at the Stadium.

District 2 councillor John Kellegrew made a motion during the council meeting Wednesday to send a letter to the Stadium commission asking the town to explain its policy on hospitality rooms and possibly to reconsider it.

The letter states drinks and hot foods can’t be served in the hospitality room, even if the foods have been donated.

The author of the letter, Diana Skinner, questions why tournaments were able to host a hospitality room at the Stadium last year, and not this year.

This year, if a tournament is three days in length, the hosts are only able to operate a hospitality room one of those three days.

“It’s kind of sad when the organizers of these tournaments try to entertain the public and try to give somebody a break, and two or three kids have to spend $10 at the canteen when they want something to eat,” Kellegrew said.

“For some strange reason these people are not allowed to do that – that they can’t be hosts and offer a bowl of chili or a sandwich – because of the restrictions placed on them by the canteen.”

Council passed the motion to send a letter to the town.

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Recent comments

  • Shawanoswe Tooley
    March 23, 2010 - 11:39

    May be the owner of the canteen should remember that this is a community funded facility. He does not own the premises! If he owned it, than he could do what ever he wanted, when he wanted, but he does not own the premises! He was lucky to persuade somebody into adding this into his contract. Earlier in the year we where at a tournament in Antigonish and they had a great hospitaliy suite. A lot of parents spend a good deal of money going to tournaments; hotels, gas, food, sticks, skate sharpening etc! I think it says a lot of the people running the tourney (organization/town) when they go out of their way to put out things, such as chili, sandwiches, fruit, coffee, drinks, muffins, etc. All of this offered for a small donation to cover some costs. You see players and parents from different teams talking and chatting, getting to know each other. It saves the parents a few bucks and for the most part kids are eating something that was not put in a deep fryer! I thought it was refreshing and showed the class of the Anitgonish Bantam parents who organized the hospitality suite!

  • Jack On The Rocks
    March 22, 2010 - 15:58

    Lost Revenue,the prices they charge at the canteen.Believe me,there's enough left over to cover the summer.2 pce fish and chips $8.99 give me a break!!!!!!

  • Hockey parent
    March 22, 2010 - 14:11

    While I understand the frustration of everyone about not being allowed to have a hospitality room, I also can see the business owners point of view. Just imagine if you had a business and you were paying rent for your business location and the owner of the building set up a booth beside you and was giving stuff away for free(possibly the same items you are trying to sell). Your business wouldn't do very well! I don't think it is fair to get upset with the business owner who is just trying to make a living, keep in mind this is just a seasonal business and the opportunity to make money is quite limited. Maybe the Town of Amherst should modify it's contract with Mr. Baker so the rent would take into account revenue lost when hospitality rooms are allowed. I'm sure there could be a reasonable compromise to this problem. Maybe the Town should have kept the canteen themselves instead of contracting it out. Just a thought!

  • Harry
    March 22, 2010 - 11:46

    Geez I wonder who had influence to make the hospitality room a waste of space...the one who'd lose sales to donated food? Not very nice or sporting. This town is on a bad path and if this kind greedyness continues, we won't be much of a hockey town. The stadium is a community centre. It's main purpose should be to encourage sports and bring the community together. IT IS NOT A MONEY-GRAB! If you can add services that people want at fair prices then so-be-it, but please realize the stadium was not created for profit endevours as its main focus. Come on, at least the younger town reps are trying to make this town better rather than just better-for-them.

  • Jack On The Rocks
    March 22, 2010 - 09:15

    Easy answer,the owner of the canteen doesn't want people involved with the tournament to eat for FREE.Apparently the canteen operator isn't to hospitable?????The hospitality room was always open for the entire tourney in years past.