$40 million locked up in Springhill prison project

Christopher Gooding
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Peter MacKay


SPRINGHILL – The announcement to inject more than $17 million into the federal correctional centre here jumped to $40 million yesterday.

When asked if the announcement depended on approval of the next federal budget, federal cabinet minister Peter MacKay answered, “No. The money is there.”

More criminals behind bars, MacKay said, means there will be a need for more cells across the country and Springhill Institution is the first to receive major upgrades and new infrastructure in the next two years to meet that demand.

The two additional units and infrastructure upgrades will see the prison’s cell capacity increase by 192 new beds. In a July press release, the institution listed its current inmate population at 396 male offenders.


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Recent comments

  • John Wayne
    August 24, 2010 - 17:26

    Yes Garnetta, your husband is innocent as are the other 300+ immates housed in springhill. The gov should buy all new toys and perhaps install a swimming pool for the families who go visit their innocent husbands/fathers who have been wrongfully convicted for crimes they did not commit.

  • jason lunn
    August 18, 2010 - 11:26

    Well said Garnetta and Alta i geuss in Mr.mckays mind once a criminal always a criminal......what a moron....................................................

  • garnetta ferdinand
    August 18, 2010 - 09:02

    My husband is currently in here doing a 52 month sentence. The prison is needs the upgrades. Me and my six children go into the prison to stay 3 days every 8 weeks with my husband and in the houses there are no toys, broken cribs and broken playpens. Maybe some of this money could go to fixing or buying some toys and baby supplies for the families. Far as calling the men criminals, some of them in there should not be there like my husband. How do you think their kids feel, or their families? we are waiting for their father to come home and maybe this justice system is just being far to hard on these petty theft and assault charges. some of them in there were wrongfully accused. We all have to remember that these criminals you say that are in there are people to.

  • altatruth
    August 17, 2010 - 18:57

    This is the Harper government's new economy for Nova Scotia and the rest of Canada. This is a real growth industry for Canada. Why have additional stimulus for useful projects when we can have this complete waste of money. Mackay and Harper locking up unreported phantom criminals. The punishment will continue until moral improves in Canada or we get rid of these boneheads.