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Glenda Janes
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River Hebert -

Letter to the Editor
I am writing this letter in regards to the economic downslide that has been taking place in Nova Scotia. It seems to me that this downward slide has become more prominent since the change in the Nova Scotia government.
I realize that the taxpayers of Nova Scotia were not fond of Mr. MacDonald. I also realize that they used their votes in the last election to send this message. However it leaves me with this question "What were you thinking?" Clearly a lot of Nova Scotians went to the polls without knowing or bothering to look at the NDP track records in other Canadian provinces. If they had, things would have been different.
Have you ever heard the saying "The devil you know is better than the devil you don't know?"
For those of you who just didn't bother to vote, all I can say is, voting is one of the very few rights you have left and not using your right to vote it is far worst than using your vote badly.
I realize you're wondering what makes me the expert. I may not be, but my husband and I both lived the nightmare of an NDP government before in Ontario and it all began with the same fairytale promises of a better life for everyone.
I am sure that right about now the employees at the jail and the people of Yarmouth can't wait for the better life they are about to receive.
The Dexter government says that "it's ready to make difficult choices to get the province's finances back in shape."
I can't wait to find out just what that means for us folks who live on the wrong side of the Cobequid Pass because we are not a full-fledged NDP county. If I was a betting person I would place my money on the spot that reads "Hold on, you're in for a rough ride."
What I can't wrap my head around is the logic that is being used to make decisions.
Does it make good economical sense for Nova Scotia to take the jail out of Cumberland County and place it in Pictou County, meaning the loss of jobs, tax dollars and economical spin-offs for the Cumberland County? This is a county that has fewer high-paying jobs than other counties in Nova Scotia. It was reported that it will save the Nova Scotia government millions of dollars. Is the government putting this money aside to help pay for the subsidy increase that will take place in Cumberland County due to this decision? The downward spin this discussion will have on Cumberland County only begins with the loss of jobs at the jail.
There's also the matter of the Cat. With 120 jobs on the line and the economic impact this will have on Yarmouth and the surrounding areas, the effects will be devastating. Needless to say they aren't a full-fledged NDP county either.
What I can't understand is Nova Scotia is supposedly a tourism province, but here we are with the situation over the Cat. True there seem to be problems with the ferry system that need to be addressed. However, wouldn't it be just plain old-fashioned common sense to sit down and find a reasonable solution rather than slam the door in someone's face - in this case 120 faces? Let's not forget they have a solution that comes in the form of a Halifax to Boston ferry. Funny how some portions of Nova Scotia get richer while the not so fortunate portion gets poorer.
As for the $6 million they were asked for. I hope the government has made plans to hang onto it because after these people's UI runs out, the government is going to need that and more to help subsidize a lot of people in that area.
While we are on the topic of Nova Scotia subsidies, apparently I missed Mr. Dexter on the news but I heard he mentioned that a great deal of money is being given out in the form of pensions and social services subsidies and how there is only so much money to go around.
Way to make friends Mr. Dexter! How soon we forget that some of these pensioners and subsidized recipients voted for the NDP government.
People are not on social services because they think it's fun. Contrary to popular belief, there are thousands of Nova Scotian families who live way below the poverty line. These families have minimum wage jobs that can't compete with the rising cost of food, utilities, rent and gas so they have no other recourse than to receive subsidies in order to survive. I know it's hard for someone with a high five- or six-digit income to comprehend.
What Mr. Dexter failed to mention is the large amount of money that is paid out yearly in government pensions. When the time comes that he retires or is retired by the voters, the taxpayers of Nova Scotia will be paying his big pension. I am sure it will be substantially bigger than the normal Nova Scotian's pension
It would be interesting to know how much of Nova Scotia's money is paid out in these types of pensions every year versus the normal Nova Scotian's pension?
I am not sure what 2010 will hold for Nova Scotians but from where I sit today I can only guess that things are about to get interesting and a lot rougher for those who are struggling now.
Glenda Janes
River Hebert

Organizations: NDP

Geographic location: Nova Scotia, Nova Scotians, River Hebert Cumberland County Yarmouth Ontario Pictou County Halifax Boston

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