Casey wants name cleared

Jason Malloy
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RCMP investigate allegations of embezzlement and theft made by Conservatives

By Jason Malloy
Transcontinental Media
TRURO - Bill Casey wants his name cleared after the RCMP investigated accusations of embezzlement and theft made by the Conservative Party during the last federal election campaign.
The Independent MP for Cumberland-Colchester-Musquodoboit Valley rose in the House of Commons on Tuesday and produced an RCMP briefing note pertaining to the accusation of embezzlement and theft of $30,000 from the local riding association.
Inside the House, he called it "an attempt to smear my reputation and destroy my character."
"I don't want to leave politics with an accusation of theft and embezzlement remaining," Casey later said in an interview.
"This RCMP reports says that they did not have sufficient grounds to go further, but when you say you don't have sufficient grounds, it insinuates there are some grounds and there are no grounds," the 63-year-old Brookdale resident said.
"I want them to say there is no grounds and these accusations should never have been made. This is totally, absolutely 100 per cent false, malicious accusations."
The RCMP report contains little information about the allegation except a reference to a $30,000 cheque.
Casey explained the $30,000 was removed from the riding association account by his election team in May 2007 and placed in a campaign account. At the time, Casey was the nominated candidate in the riding, a confidence vote was upcoming and the potential for an election was a real possibility.
Political parties must set up separate funds for election campaigns.
Casey was kicked out of caucus in June 2007 for voting against the federal budget. That October, Prime Minister Stephen Harper made it clear Casey would not be back in caucus and another candidate would be running for the party in the next election.
Casey said within a week, the money was returned to the riding association in full despite some of the $30,000 having been spent on bank charges during the interim.
"We complied with Elections Canada to the letter," Casey said.
During the last federal election, unnamed Conservatives spoke to the RCMP in Cumberland County and went to the Bible Hill detachment with the information.
The issue was brought to a handful of media outlets during the election campaign but was never published by mainstream media because of a lack of evidence to substantiate the claims.
It rose again when a reporter from Montreal's La Presse obtained a copy of the RCMP briefing note and contacted Casey late last week.
The MP said he was "shocked" because he never heard the words "embezzlement" or "theft" when the issue first arose.
The Truro Daily News has learned that Diana Read-Miedema, the financial agent for Conservative Party candidate Joel Bernard, took the allegations to the RCMP.
She did not return calls yesterday.
Riding association president Ted Rushton told CBC-TV that national party headquarters had nothing to do with going to the Mounties.
"Basically national office said 'leave it alone, dead in the water, don't touch it.' She felt there was some definite questionable irregularities that needed to be investigated. She did this on her own," he said.
Casey is unsure how long it will take for the speaker to decide if his claims warrant going to committee.

Organizations: RCMP, Conservative Party, Independent MP House of Commons Elections Canada La Presse Truro Daily News CBC

Geographic location: Cumberland-Colchester-Musquodoboit Valley, Brookdale, Cumberland County Montreal

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Recent comments

  • Countrygal
    January 18, 2010 - 11:23

    I am from Halifax Regional Municipality and if I could have voted for Mr. Casey in the last election I would have. He is the ONLY politician with integrity.

    Harper/Elmer Jr and their miserable band of cronies are nothing but liars. Point in question when Elmo Jr. said if anybody voted against the budget they'd not be punished. Next day out goes Mr. Casey.

    Let's hope Mr. Casey does run for provincial premier some day. He'd be a good one.

  • Roy from Troy
    January 18, 2010 - 11:15

    Thankfully in all the forums across the country people in general see this for what it's worth.

    What I would like is just 1 person to explain to me how is it that finally a politician stands up against his party with all that that entails and goes against the party line for the people and you still have people denounce him.

    Was it not Abraham that said government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from the earth .

    Anyways, thank you Mr. Casey, to me you earned the title the Honorable Mr. Casey, by example not just because you got elected and for that you deserve respect from all of us.

  • Jack
    January 18, 2010 - 11:14

    Casey knew all about this last fall, he joked about it in Frank magazine. Why was it so funny then and such an attack on him now. Simply for the media attention.... He realizes how useless he is now and need what ever attention he can get.

  • Maestro
    January 18, 2010 - 11:08

    Who is this Funky Cool Miedema who is reported to have been responsible for starting the RCMP investigation, anyway?

  • It is all about integrity
    January 18, 2010 - 11:08

    Due process will reveal exactly what Mr. Casey stated in the House. Access to information documents with blacked out names is a document which should have been available to Mr. Casey before it went public; individuals like Mr. Bernard were well versed on RCMP policies and procedures and I have to agree Mr. Harper and his bandits have taken one more step toward illegal actions against a respected citizen; Mr. Casey may not be able to wait this out because it is going to take Harper & his team a long time to swim uphill.

  • Roy from Troy
    January 18, 2010 - 11:01

    I am shocked and saddened by some of the comments made in this forum.

    This man has been nothing but honorable in the time he has represented this constituency.

    If someone has facts contrary to this then come forth with them but don't slander the man with innuendos.

    When it was only him and Elsie that represented the party after Mulrooney destroyed it did they not show up day after day and carry on and act honorably?

    When the wolf took over and took away the Deputy Party leader title from Mr. Casey did he not act honorably?

    To actually condone this action against him is scandalous.

    In all my years I've never seen such a display of pettiness as I've seen Harper display. Talk about a wolf in sheep's clothing.

    Perhaps people forget this party is full of Reformers who pretend they are Progressive Conservatives.

    Do you not realize he was standing up against the party for the people of Nova Scotia because of the dam transfer payments?

    Why would anyone want to go into politics and have to subject themselves to this kind of crap I have no idea.

    Finally, who is this Diana Read-Miedema who went to the RCMP acting as the financial agent for this Joel Bernard who I must remind people is out of a job after Stockwell changed portfolios.

    I'm embarrassed that there are such petty people in this riding who don't know their a$$ from a hole in the ground. You should be ashamed of yourselves because I feel your shame even if your not bright enough to.

  • Tim
    January 18, 2010 - 10:46

    Those of us who know Bill Personally know that this is all a crock of s**t. I've know the man all my life and in my personal opinion this is just another classic I'll fix you for voteing against me deal from Stephen Harper. IMPO

  • Fuzzy
    January 18, 2010 - 10:43

    Wow, sry folks that I'm so late getting on here. Any discussion that involves Mr. Casey I like to read and occasionally get involved with. I for one hopes he does run for premier. That would be the best thing that happened in Nova Scotia for many yeaars.
    Secondly everyone knows the maritimes have been cetting scr-w-d by Ottawa for many years now and there will be no end to this this as long as we are led by leaders such as we've had for many years. I am certainly not one to say I 100 % behind Danny Williams of NFLD because lets face it he is a loose cannon. However I give him full marks for putting his province first and foremost each and every time. The maritimes will never get ahead as long as Quebec gets preferential treatment at our supper table. The only way we could get our fair share is to have all maritime provinces band together as a single unit in their struggles with Ottawa.
    As far as defeating Harper in a non-confidence vote, I don't see any chance of improvement even if Harper were to leave. His replacement will most certainly be another lawyer, or business man with his own personal agenda. In fact lets face it, the odds are that in order to please Quebec he/she will no doubt be from there.
    Ottawa remember us.....What about the maritimes??

  • Peter
    January 18, 2010 - 10:41

    I am disgusted at the people who have attacked Bill Casey over this issue -especially the venemous tirade from earlier this morning, since deleted by the site moderator. br br Harper is morally responsible for the reprehensible behaviour of his goons. br br Bill Casey is an honourable man with more integrity than the Conservative Party could muster in a million years.

  • Roy from Troy
    January 18, 2010 - 10:41

    Okay, sorry, I forgot about Jean before he did his little dance over to the Quebec stage but thats what happens when you get my age.

    Was he not Deputy House leader or whatever its called before Harper took that away from him?

    I was living in Europe when he did a dance with Kim Campbell but you can hardly blame the devastation done to the CPC on her.

    Unless I have lost all my marbles I remember Elsie and Bill standing alone in Parliament.

    What is important is that there has never been an innuendo that this man has never been completely honest and forthright.

    To question his integrity is national news in my humble opinion and I believe by what is transpiring right now in Ottawa this will be just another mark on Harpers reign coming to a close.

    Then all the reformers can go back home and regroup. Hopefully they'll take McKay with them.

  • Cor. X
    January 18, 2010 - 10:40

    To Roy from Troy: I believe Elsie and Jean Charest were the only Tories left standing after the Liberal whitewash (redwash?) of '93. Casey was defeated by Dianne Brushett in that election.

  • Roy from Troy
    January 18, 2010 - 10:35

    Gill come down from that hill right now because your making a fool of yourself.

    The idea of the Atlantic Provinces being a whole unit in and of itself has more merit than perhaps you give it due.

    Confederation as we know it is becoming obsolete if only because not everyone wants to be governed from and by Ottawa. Then add up what it is costing us.

    When you add up all the Federal, Provincial, Municipal governments of just the Atlantic Provinces and the cost of the said governing bodies we are, we have out paced ourselves because of the cost. Just not enough tax base basically.

    We are taxing people out of their homes and that is a sure way to anarchy. How do you justify raising the taxes in Amherst by 11%, the value of the home didn't go that high.

    Then bring into the fold Quebec, Ontario, Alberta, BC and whatever in between and it all adds up to trouble for the said Confederation.

    Just bare facts and all you have to do is look at the European Union to get the drift.

    I won't see it but 20-30 years from now this country will not be the same as when I was born.

    Times are a changin and we squabble over some little tikes singing the anthem before class.

    I always looked forward to singing God Save the Queen but that was many moons ago. Sad but true.

    Back to Bill, run for Premier, you have many people that would support your candidacy for Premier of Gods country or some people like to call it Nova Scotia.

  • Roy from Troy
    January 18, 2010 - 10:32

    Gill come down from the hill and walk amongst us mere mortals.

    You are obviously not a fan of Mr. Casey and thats alright. Nobody can like everybody.

    The reason I support this man is because he stood up to a dictator for the WHOLE province and wouldn't back down when Harper wanted to change the deal that was made long before him.

    Maybe you forget what Harper said about us east coasters.

    I for one don't think of us as a bunch of layabouts that wait for the goodwill of Ottawa.

    I knew this mans father and bought cars from him. I never felt ripped off.

    We are going to lose an honorable man and if you haven't noticed there isn't a whole hell of a lot of them in politics that I can see. Try to have a great day and lighten up.
    Mr. Know It All

  • Huge
    January 18, 2010 - 10:29

    A thought - for everyone's dining and dancing pleasure.

    Bill has recently announced that he is not running in the next federal election, although he's been a bit evasive about his potential future plans.

    Perhaps this latest smear campaign is staged because some good folks already know what Bills plans are and they're trying to short circuit whatever that may be.

    Premier of NS? I don't know, but I cetainly don't trust that nest of snakes and backstabbers in the Harper Party.