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Rose Willigar
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SPRINGHILL: Rather than live with wilted and dying flowers why not take heed to Andrea Colwell's solution and go with silk.
Since taking a year of special art in 1954 at the Teachers College in Fredericton Colwell has had a flare for flower design and working with the different shades of colour that could be incorporated into each design.
"I spent time doing collages, colour design, paper mache, sketching and designing cards using stencils. All attributes that I incorporate into designing rose bowls, floral arrangements and working with driftwood pieces when coming up with ideas for the silk floral arrangements," Colwell said.
The floral designer enjoys scouring local beaches looking for original pieces of driftwood, shells, stones and weeds to accent her artwork.
Colwell explained that when working with driftwood there is more to it than just gluing the silk flowers to make an arrangement. You first must weather it (let it sit). Once the wood has been weathered the next step would be polishing, which is done by a copper brush.
The artist said she has been working with different driftwood designs since 1974 and has since included floral vase arrangements and rose bowls.
"When I first began making floral arrangements on wood my cousin taught me and I used to use barn boards," Colwell said.
Colwell said it takes her about three hours to do three rose bowls and two smaller floral arrangements, which she will set out to do in an evening, adding that when doing driftwood pieces she generally does five of them in an evening as well.
"I love working with my hands, I like doing the floral arrangements and if they brighten someone's day then it's worth doing," Colwell said.
Colwell who resides in Springhill sells her floral arrangements and anyone wishing to see the work the artist does can contact her to view a few of her pieces.

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