What are you going to do for Mother’s Day?

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Viewpoint with Archdeacon Glenn Eason

By Archdeacon Glenn Eason

Christ Church, Anglican

Mothers’ Day is this weekend. What are you going to do for your mother this year? Will the children in your home present Mom with cards that they themselves have prepared? Will breakfast be made for Mom by the kids with adult help? These are some of the things our family use to do while we were growing up.

Now that I am older and have a family of my own, so I sent cards, at first. But she re-directed my efforts to show my affection to her by asking me to just give her a call. Our daughter has now left the nest and I now know why Mom always asked for calls and not cards.

Cards are great and say things we may want to say but we may not have that kind of poetic gift.  They may express our feelings but they really aren’t us.  The “personal touch” can never be fully replaced by anything else but the actual person.  So I see why the calls were more important than the cards or gifts.

God says the same thing to us. He sends Jesus to come from the Father to be with us in our world.  Remember the Christmas name for the God’s Messiah? Emmanuel, God with us. (Matthew 1:23)  This is the personal touch of God to us and to the world, Jesus.

How does he give us his Son? He sends him into the world in the same way you and I came into the world, by a painful and messy birth.

From the records of Jesus’ life, as recorded in the Bible, he cared for his mother and at the end of his life he made arrangements for her continued care in the home of one of his followers, John.

This respect for his mom is the same respect we need to have for our own Mom or whoever raised us. We don’t know the details of Jesus relationship with is Mom because that was not the point of the records of Jesus life and teaching but we have a few events from that show his respect and care he had for her. We know that she was not always right (Matthew 12:46-50) but he loved her just the same.

What will you be doing for your Mother this Mother’s Day?

And if you do not have your Mother with you in this life any longer, will you remember her lovingly on Mother’s Day in thanksgiving for all she has done for you?

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