On the road again

Darrell Cole
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Accessible transportation bus sets schedule

AMHERST - Accessible transportation is ready to go in Cumberland County.

Just a couple of weeks after acquiring their new $90,000, 14-seat bus, the Cumberland Community Transportation Service Society held an open house here Monday to unveil the bus and set the date when it will begin operating.

On the road again

AMHERST - Accessible transportation is ready to go in Cumberland County.

Just a couple of weeks after acquiring their new $90,000, 14-seat bus, the Cumberland Community Transportation Service Society held an open house here Monday to unveil the bus and set the date when it will begin operating.

"We'll be ready to hit the road on Tuesday, Feb. 3," society president Barry Patriquin said during the unveiling event that introduced to bus to many of those who have supported the project or will be using it. "We're so excited to get this thing going. None of this would have been possible without the support of so many people and organizations and various levels of government."

At first, the bus will be operating two days a week with more days added based on demand and capacity. Patriquin said those needing the bus will have to call the society 34 hours in advance to its designated days of service.

Passengers will pay a fare based on a kilometre grid starting in Amherst and reaching out to the rural parts of the county. All fares include pickup and return with the exception of one-way trips within Amherst.

It's believed the maximum fare will be in the area of $30.

Patriquin said the bus is not just for the physically challenged, but will serve the transportation disadvantaged "in particular the elderly, persons with disabilities and those who are income disadvantaged."

The bus will eventually be rented out and chartered, but not during the first three months of service.

"Both contracts and charters, along with other funding sources and initiatives, are just some of the ways we intend to be sustainable," Patriquin said, adding the society hopes to expand with the addition of a seven-person mini-van sometime in the future.

Cumberland South MLA and Economic and Rural Development Minister Murray Scott was on hand for the unveiling and pointed out society member Dora Fuller has been speaking about accessible transportation for years.

"It was always a dream of hers and for many people," Scott said. "Many people in rural parts of this county often find it difficult to get to Amherst or to doctor appointments at the regional hospital. It's a tremendous opportunity and hopefully people will take full advantage of it."


Organizations: Cumberland Community Transportation Service Society

Geographic location: AMHERST, Cumberland County

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Recent comments

  • w
    January 18, 2010 - 11:20

    theirs a new taxi in springhill call them a see how much it is to go amherst and back more then 30.00 dallers i bet

  • Taxi
    January 18, 2010 - 11:15

    Taxi on time are you ready? when they arrive?Can you also help with time frame of how long it takes to help someone in the taxi or out with all the ice....maybe even a quick chat if passenger is living alone and lonely.Its called customer service....ever been to the doctor or emergency at hospital and not have to wait if they are busy?Remember we are all important.

    January 18, 2010 - 11:09

    ... these taxi people hire family,this business has opportunity to hire drivers from out of the family circle,creating jobs in the future,and I am sure it will be on time for appointments....

  • crystal
    January 18, 2010 - 10:48

    I've kept my mouth very closed on this matter, as I have had some people who have started this venture, ask me ( as a small town cab owner/operator) what we would charge from Advocate to Parrsboro and at the time it was $40, and the gentleman complained to me that people were complaining at that time (two yrs. ago) to have to pay $10. How this guy was getting people complaining of a program that was as of then, not even in place, I don't know? For most people information, cabs usually charge a buck a km, same as this program, although we don't charge for the trip back, unlike some others, wait time, if extensive is charged at $10 per hr. Sorry, from Advocate to Parrsboro or Parrsboro to Amherst, you ar not going to get a trip for $10 nowadays. My husband and I have heard and seen in the newspapers that Parrsboro and other rural areas did not have a taxi. Hello? We've been here for three yrs. and I'm sure there is not a more well-known cab service than what we have in this small town. We have worked very hard since we opened and give 150% to all of our customers and are supported well by this town and the people who need us, like us and are treated as our own family. Nobody ever came to us with an offer or interest to see if we could work something out to take these people to their appointments whenever, any time of day or night, that they would have needed us. Small business is not always supported by those who should be giving us a chance. I wouldn't work for nothing - I don't think anyone could expect that, but my husband and I certainly could have given the program our best rate possible - if anyone had of ever asked for it. I hope the program works out for those who need it - if something should happen though, small business MAY be here in the future if anyone decides to utilize us.

  • Contratulations
    January 18, 2010 - 10:48

    The hard work and dedication of all involved made transportation in Cumberland County a reality. It was not designed to displace people or businesses - it is meant to be an enhancement that is affordable and accessible - Job Well Done CCTS.

  • Carole
    January 18, 2010 - 10:45

    For me-not-you from ns: You must be joking to suggest Carl's Taxi or any taxi! When you live in the county and hire a taxi for an appointment in Amherst, you pay for the trip there and pay again for the return trip. This way you pay a flat rate for there and back, this rate is $30 and I am sure the taxi fare is a lot more than $30.

  • Taxi Owners fr Parrsbor
    January 18, 2010 - 10:42

    First I want to wish you all a Congratulations you on your endeavour's.. :-)
    I really hope that this is a success for the people of Cumberland County.. As yes.. It is extreamly hard for alot of people in all areas of Cumberland & Colchester Counties (which we have too) to afford to get to places when needed.
    But we would like all to know that here in Parrsboro our service does not charge for a return trip.. Only the wait time that is $10 for a hr.. Not un-reasonable...
    We will.. & also have worked out deals for many of our customers here and in surrounding areas.. Many upon many of times within reason.. (We are a Business)
    We ourselves do not see how you are able to do calls here and there & especially to to advocate areas for $30 but you seem to know.. I know we could not in our mini vans especially a small bus.
    I do not feel that all of us in the taxi businesses should be knocked down as we are all different!!!
    Our service manly consists of a husband & wife team with our other employee's outside of the family.. and we give ourselves & our service we provide well above and beyond what should be doing which is always acceptable for most...
    Soo.. Yes!!! Please remember that we are all important & not all the same as others... Just remember we all have to survive to service Everyone Equally!!!!
    Again! Congradulations and Best of Luck but remember U are there for the people not for profit!!!!

  • Thinkingpositive
    January 18, 2010 - 10:40

    What a wonderful opportunity for the people of Cumberland County.

    Congratulations to Dora and the rest of the transportation society, your hard work and dedication have finally paid off.