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Beloved comedy Kids have returned with a 30-city tour

If theres one thing that Scott Thompson knows for sure, its that the Kids in the Hall is bigger than the sum of its individual parts.

If theres one thing that Scott Thompson knows for sure, its that the Kids in the Hall is bigger than the sum of its individual parts.

The 49 year-old comedian doesnt mince words explaining why the celebrated Canadian comedy troupe is back on tour. It pays the bills. Not that it isnt really fun, too.

Luckily, weve all kind of failed, says Thompson. None of us are really hustlers out to develop careers as individual stars and the Canadian ensemble scene we came out of isnt like Saturday Night Lives where everyone is out to become their own stars.

Of course they all make more money, but we have the street cred. At least, I like to think Will Ferrell or Mike Myers spend sleepless nights thinking about how they wish they couldve been part of Kids In The Hall.

There is no denying that the Kids in the Halls brand of audacious and avant-guffaw sketch comedy has become the stuff of cult adoration.

Like Monty Python, the acts developed by the troupe of Thompson, Dave Foley, Bruce McCulloch, Mark McKinney and Kevin McDonald has lasted long after the CBC/HBO TV series run from 1989 to 1994. While all five members have pursued acting careers in TV and film with such notable credits as That 70s Show, News Radio, Gilmore Girls and Slings & Arrows, Thompson says its as the Kids that theyre best recognized.

Its left them hungry and aware that there is no cakewalk to superstardom or entitlement coming with all the critical praise.

Look, were less successful than the cast of SCTV. I would love Andrea Martins cult status or Eugene Levys job, although Id rather not wait until Im in my late 50s to get it. But, maybe, in a way, its a blessing, because its made us very hungry and funny.

He thinks that KITHs take on homosexuality, drag roles and slaying other sacred cows did put the kibosh on the group and its parts breaking out bigger. Perhaps the times have changed enough that they can find their elusive financial success today.

Its six years between tours and this is the first where the group went out since their movie Brain Candy totally bombed. There was unease involved in reuniting.

When we first talked about doing this about 18 months ago, we didnt really know if we could do it any longer. Weve changed. The comedy world has changed and you dont want to be Goldie Hawn at 56 wearing a bikini going sock it to me.

So weve discovered that we may not look good in the bikini, but we can still work it out.

For the 30-city Live As Well Ever Be tour, the group wrote a brand new show for the first time since 1995. Thompson says he thinks it represents some of their best work.

Weve made three short films of our own so far. The first we put up on YouTube is rising up whatever charts they have out there.

This isnt to say that favourite characters from the TV series wont be appearing in the live act. Theyll just be turning up alongside new characters. It could fail.

We dont mind a train wreck, though. Weve got the chops to work through it with a crowd.

Organizations: CBC, News Radio, Gilmore Girls and Slings & Arrows

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