Skabar questions Liberal commitment to emergency care

Darrell Cole
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NDP candidate questions if McNeil would maintain rural CECs

Cumberland North NDP candidate Brian Skabar wants to know what a Liberal government would mean to the area's three collaborative emergency centres.

Cumberland North NDP candidate Brian Skabar.

AMHERST – Cumberland North NDP candidate Brian Skabar is questioning what a Liberal government will do to Cumberland County’s three collaborative emergency centres.

Skabar fears a Liberal government under Stephen McNeil could place the CECs in Pugwash, Parrsboro and Springhill in jeopardy because his party has no plan to keep emergency rooms open.

Skabar said that during an announcement in Halifax on Saturday, McNeil was asked by a reporter if he would abolish the CEC model implemented by the NDP government under Darrell Dexter. He feels the Liberal leader skirted the questions.

“Given a golden opportunity to say he would keep ERs open, McNeil refused to answer,” Skabar said in a press release.

The NDP candidate said it’s a simple question that residents in Cumberland County deserve an answer to.

“Stephen McNeil opposes collaborative emergency rooms while making not a single mention of emergeny rooms in his platform,” said Skabar. “The natural question is, what will Stephen McNeil do to keep emergency rooms open if he’s elected?”

He said the county has three CECs that are helping to solve systematic emergency room closures that plagued the area for decades under previous governments.


Organizations: NDP

Geographic location: Cumberland County, Pugwash, Halifax

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Recent comments

  • Robert Bird
    September 25, 2013 - 10:05

    NS has 526 health care professionals making in excess of $100,000 up from just 400 a year ago. Cumberland Health Authority only has 21 people in the $100,000 plus club with the top compensation package coming in at $247,314.

  • Realistic
    September 25, 2013 - 07:02

    Macpass & KF are absolutely right - what is happening behind the out patients area in emergency is atrocious and there is no good reason it should be happening in this country. I have had family members spend days in a lit hallway beside the nurses station. I have a friend who has one there now going on three days. What kind of care involves days on end of absolutely no sleep in a noisy lit hallway? The NDP is blind to this - we need MORE beds all over, not window dressing by replacing existing ones with newer ones, and the CECs are doing nothing to improve this situation.

    September 24, 2013 - 09:17

    Well whatever the Liberal plan is Brian it can't be worse than what we currently have now with the NPD's current program of having over 100 fat cats making over $100,000 a year in 10 different locations plus all of their support staff as well.The last time I visited someone in the hospital they had my friend out in the hall in the back of Outpatients. Interesting though they had signs on the walls out there designating the beds as "Hall Bed #1 to Hall Bed #5". My friend was out there for 5 days with all the lights on and heavy ambulance traffic going in and out and never slept one hour the entire time he was in the hall. I also noticed an elderley women out there as well. What a terrible undignified place to put this poor sick older women in... a hall bed. If this is the NDP's vision of quality Health Care in Cumberland County then anything proposed by either the Tories or the Liberals would be better than being sick in the hallway of our beautiful new Hospital. Great staff up there at our hospital but they do not have much to work with due to all of the cuts and empty promises the NDP have made over the last 4 years.

  • KF
    September 24, 2013 - 06:11

    Really Mr. Scabar? Well I completely question your commitment to emergency care. Before we get to your solution of staffing the hospitals without Doctors, lets look at Cumberlands biggest ER. ER wait times are bigger then ever, only now with fudged numbers. If anyone doesn't know how they fudge the numbers, take a look at the new triage system. Your wait time does not begin until you are triaged, you can sit in those red chairs for a long time before you get triaged. Then once you are in...welcome to purgatory! Hallways full of stretchers, because there are no beds to put them in. I know people who have spent almost 7 full days sleeping in the hallway. Now heres the problem, much of that is promised to be alleviated by increasing the number of nursing home beds (or in Cumbeland's case ... replacing beds - somehow that helps). Wheres the problem? Its an NDP election promise...can we count the ones the broke last time? I dont need to, because I cant get over the broken tax promise