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Viewpoint with Rev. Raymond R. Fancy

I have received a lot of positive feedback from my wife’s writings: “Trista’s Treasures.” Here is the latest, also available online at

Life is an adventure! Some of the “adventure” we could do without, but some of it truly makes life better in every way! You never know what a day will bring or what is coming around the next corner.  In the past few months I have learned several things, or at the very least been reminded of several things that I already know, but kind of just took for granted.  I want to share some of them with you. A few things/facts I have been reminded of and learned.  (Some are important, some not so much, but they still made it in the mix!)  Here they are in no particular order:

- Health is something I took for granted. 

- God mends broken relationships and people.

- People sometimes hurt us and we sometimes hurt people.

- Appreciate your co-workers.

- It’s important to be kind.

- Jesus knows my heart and motives.

- Appreciate each good day.

- You can worship God outside in the rain, with a very large umbrella.

- Loud music is still good music.

- There are good people in this world.

- Moving forward isn’t always easy.

- Sometimes you have to let go and let God.

- Change is often good, even if hard.

- Jesus loves me, always.

- Technology sometimes brings people miles away closer to us, but can keep people close to us miles away.

- Large dogs think they are lap dogs and little dogs think they rule the world.

- God’s timing is not our timing and we must trust His.

- God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things, if we are willing.

Phew! The list is long and I could keep going! Some of those listed above are hard on the heart, the mind and the body. Do I understand them all completely? No!  I have to work at some of the above, daily.  But, they make me stop and pause and realize that through all the “noise” of my life, there is still good.  We are a blessed people in so many ways. I wonder what your list would be? What have you been reminded of in the past few months?  What has God shown you?  What have you learned?

I have found it to be a good exercise to make a list of the good things.  It can shift our focus a little and make us pause in the middle of life’s “noise”.   Life can be hard, but God is still good and He loves YOU.  Try the exercise above, I think you may be surprised how long the list is!


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