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At the Library with Denise Corey

It’s finally happened!  Finally! Summer is here. I didn’t think it would ever come. I thought we were going to be trapped in dreary winter forever!  Now that the hot weather is finally upon us I can take part in my favourite activity - reading on the beach.  With that in mind I’m going to give you some of the books that I’m hoping to check out over the next couple of months.

The Southern Vampire Mysteries series (also commonly known as the Sookie Stackhouse series) always make a great summer read.  They’re certainly steamy, with enough sex, violence, and supernatural goings on to keep you entertained for hours on the beach.  I’ve been reading these books for years as a bit of brain candy.  Now I just have the thirteenth and final book, Dead Ever After, to finish.  I’ve been trying to avoid spoilers for this one since it came out last Spring but I know a lot of people were not happy with Sookie’s romantic choice at the end of the novel.  If you’ve not read any of these books start with the first one, Dead Until Dark to follow the adventures of the telepathic waitress, Sookie.

I want to read Friendship by Emily Gould.  This novel, set to be released at the beginning of July, has been compared to a grown-up Girls (the TV show, which you can also borrow from the library).  Bev and Amy are in their 30s but still struggling with the same issues they struggled with in their 20s. Bev is still doing temp work and living with roommates and Amy, who has been able to coast through life until this point, finds her charms are wearing thin.

Don’t let Rainbow Rowell’s name put you off, and don’t let her popularity among teen readers lead you to believe that what she writes is fluff.  As a relatively new writer she is a force to be reckoned with.  Rowell’s second adult novel is due out the first week of July and there is already lots of hype around it.  Landline is the story of a marriage in trouble but with a bit of a time travel twist.  I don’t know how that’s going to work out but based on the other books I’ve read by Rowell I bet it’s going to be awesome!  Check out her fantastic teen romance Eleanor & Park too.  It’s just too sweet to pass up, and it is set in 1986 so has lots of great references to the decade.

Out now, and just begging to be read on the beach, is The Vacationers by Emma Straub. The Post family is vacationing in the Balearic island of Mallorca (yup, I had to look that one up – it’s off the coast of Spain) to celebrate their 35th anniversary and their daughter’s high school graduation.  While staying on a beautiful resort family secrets come out and drama ensues.  It sounds like just the right amount of misery and sunshine to wile away a summer’s day.

Although it doesn’t match the light tone that I usually favour for summer reading, I’d also like to tackle The Bear by Claire Cameron.  Two young children are forced to fend for themselves in Algonquin Park after a black bear attacks their parents.  I’m pretty sure that it’ll give me the heebie jeebies all summer long when I’m camping.

For more great books like these check out your local library or look at our online catalogue at   Don’t forget that our Just for Adults Summer Reading Club gives you the opportunity to win prizes all summer long for reading library books.


Denise Corey is the chief librarian at the Cumberland Public Libraries.


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