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That's Life with Terri McCormick

By the time you read this column, the Montreal Canadiens could be in the hole 3-0 in a conference final disaster against the New York Rangers. Or, if the gods shine a light of mercy on them, it might be 2-1.

Either way, it's fair to say, we Habs’ fans are shaking in our jerseys waiting to see what happens next. I am not just a playoff series groupie. No my friend, I am with my team all season long.

My niece claims to be a Boston Bruins’ "fan," but she doesn't watch all year, only during the playoffs. During the Montreal/Boston series, she liked to trash talk, as did I. But had she earned that right?

I sat up countless nights sweating it out with Gionta (my tiny dancer, as I like to call him), Gallagher, Prust (I love his delicious under bite), Subban, Eller and Price. That's right, I lusted after Carey Price all year, I grinned while Gallagher buzzed around the net, annoying much bigger players, and I hooted when Subban blasted a rocket from the point.

Not only did I cheer, I also drank countless glasses of Pepsi and wolfed down several bowls of Hickory Sticks. Many Jo Louis (not to be confused with Marty St. Louis) also helped me get through close games. There were times when I was sitting up with my eyes burning watching an OT thriller while my husband had been asleep for at least an hour on the couch.

As Montreal scored, he would let out a snort as he gasped for air in his sleep- apnea slumber. You don't know how much strength it took not to place a pillow over his face. I even religiously watched and recorded the series “24 CH” on TSN. I am the true fan and perhaps that is why I am in a spell over the unexpected losses against the Rangers. And when my husband nonchalantly mentioned that Price was out for the rest of the New York series because of a lower body injury, my reaction made him jump. "What?!" I squealed. "No, no that can't be!"

 “Yes, yes,” he responded as he made his ham sandwich, “it is true.” I stared at the slices of bread being smeared with mustard. How dare he think about food at a time like this. A friend was telling me about calling her son and him answering the phone and sounding like he was crying. When she asked what was wrong he sighed and replied, "Price is hurt."

So, I'm not alone in my craziness. But, if I thought we were screwed in Game 1's 7-2 loss, we are really screwed now because of Price, who is our best player and really anchors the team.

But I can't give up just yet. It ain't over until a red-coated Ginette Reno sings. And as history has taught us, Montreal has a knack for coming back. Remember, they came back in 2010 from a 3-1 deficit in the series to beat the Capitals, and this season they came back against the Senators after being down 4-1 in the third period with only three minutes left to score three unanswered goals and win in overtime. They have the ability to do it all again.

However, I wonder, do I have the ability to come back after the emotional turmoil I have suffered during the Boston series, and now this one? My nerves are shot! Madame Reno, sing me out.


Terri McCormick’s column appears bi-weekly in the Amherst News.


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