ARHS students sharing the ‘Viking Vibe’

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Students at Amherst Regional High School are sharing the “Viking Vibe” with the rest of the greater Amherst community. 

Over the past several years several things have happened in the world of teaching English:  (1) students want their writing to matter and (2) students think no one wants to hear what they have to say. 

This project is going to provide an opportunity for students to write about what is important in their lives, current events, opinions and events. 


HL: Math is a blast, but English just isn’t my thing


By Ryan Ackles

Unlike most people I actually like going to high school.

It has its pros and cons but for the most part it’s okay. You get to go and hang out with your friends five days of the week.

I am not exactly taking the hardest of classes, but that is because I don’t need them.

Now most of my school career learning has come pretty easy to me. I never had to really try all that hard to get good grades.

I get that from my dad.

Anyway, there is one class that isn’t like that. It was in grades 9, 10 but not 11 and 12, and it’s English. Sorry Mrs. Parliament-Taylor I like the class and I actually don’t mind the work but I just suck at it! I don’t know why.

I could sit in Math 12, hardly listen and get a 90 per cent on the test but when it comes to reading my book and writing an essay or a review I am no good. I can read the book fine I just can’t write to save my life.

I can’t public speak either. I had to do my three-minute speech in class and I had it all planned out but when I got up there I choked. It was embarrassing and awful.

I guess English is just not for me. Mrs. Parliament-Taylor is a great teacher she really is; I am just no good at her class.

Other than that high school is great, but I still can’t wait to graduate.


HL: Celebrating the early career of Lorde

By Cody Hicks

Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O'connor better known by her stage name Lorde was born Nov. 7, 1996. 

She is a New Zealand singer/song-writer.

It is said that her debut was her recorded EP " the love club", but Lorde didn't gain commercial success until the release of her bill board chart topping hit "Royals" which is featured as the third song on her debut album "Pure Heroine."

Originally released Sept. 27, 2013 under Universal Music Group, on Dec. 13, 2013 an extended version of this album was also released. The album received many great reviews from music critics commenting on Lorde's vocal abilities, and her song writing style.

This album rose to the top of the Official New Zealand music chart, the Australian charts and ranked in at Number 3 on the U.S Billboard chart.

At The 56th annual Grammy's "Pure Heroine" was nominated for best pop-vocal album of the year, the album also deserved recognition for its ground breaking impacts on present pop music. The album features ten tracks such hits as "Team" ,"Royals”,"Tennis Court" and "Glory and Gore”.

The extended version Of the album contains an extra 6 tracks including "No Better" , "Bravado", "Million Dollar Bills" and " The Love Club".


HL: Once you get a taste of motocross, you’re hooked

By Kirk Tuttle

Motocross, a sport that doesn’t just take the rider or athlete to compete. It takes the whole family, which is everyone’s team at the track.

Mom, dad sisters or brothers usually one of the kids are at the track with their brother when they could be doing another sport, but they don’t have time to do both.

Everyone does something, usually mom’s making food and making sure your gear is ready for the next race and you’re staying hydrated, while dad is over there washing the bike after the first Moto, and getting it ready for the next.

From the long weekends away to the practicing all week on the track it’s not just a one day a week thing. Race on Saturday, which means you have to leave Friday afternoon and wont be home till later Saturday night depends where it is.

It’s something you have to love to want to do and have a passion for it, because there is so much time put into it and money that the parents spend to even get to the race is crazy. It is one of the most physically demanding sports in the world and definitely one of the most exhilarating ones.

Everyone at the track helps everyone out when they need a hand and are all friends. But once that gate drops the only thing on everyone’s mind is to get to the front. It is an amazing sport to watch and do and everyone that is in it will say how much they love it. Once you get a taste of it you are hooked.

Organizations: Amherst Regional High School, Universal Music Group, The Love Club

Geographic location: Amherst, New Zealand

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