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That's Life with Terri McCormick

A pal of mine recently went to the Backstreet Boys' concert. She was excited to relive her youth and join many other women now in their 20s and 30s who screamed like babies for the Boys back in the day.

Howie, Brian, A.J., Kevin and, of course, the ever-sensual Nick put on quite a show, or so I heard. My friend was thrilled to have gotten to see the band again (she saw them before when she was 15).

Now a married mom with kids, she decided to spend the extra loot and attend an after party at a club with the band. During that time whilst she swayed to the rhythm of I Want it That Way, she locked eyes with her teenage heartthrob Nick Carter, not once, but four times, she informed me.

I jokingly told her he was probably thinking, "should I?" We both laughed, but I knew exactly why she was so excited. I, too, locked eyes with a celebrity once.

Okay, my celebrity may have been balding and had man-boobs but that's neither here nor there. It was a few years back and I was at the gate at JFK Airport when the stocky guy walking in front of me turned around and before I could squeal "it's my favourite comic Louis CK!"

Our eyes locked and for a brief second I thought, "this dude is checking me out." I was feeling cute that day, so by the time I made it onto the plane I was ecstatic.

"Mama's still got it." I even felt a bit of relief because everyone knows the plane can't crash when there's a celebrity on board.

Now, many of you might be wondering who exactly Louis CK is; I would suggest you Google him and then you'll be all, "oh yeah, that guy."

Like my friend, for one fleeting bliss-filled moment I, too, thought I had experienced a zing of mutual attraction with someone who was semi-famous. Is it wrong that I still fantasize about being mentioned in a future comedy routine?

"And then there was this old bag who was staring at me at the airport; it was kinda creepy," he would say to guffaws from the audience. 

The thing is, if these people weren't considered celebrities would we still find them attractive? I mean if Nick Carter was working at the Giant Tiger with his hair all greasy and his white socks showing because his pants were too short, we would probably walk right past him.

And if my Louis CK was delivering me a cord of wood, would I still be so hot to lock eyes with him? We tend to look at celebrities with rose-coloured glasses even though plenty of them might not be considered so desirable in real life (think Mick Jagger.)

I guess it's just human nature to be seduced by fame. The Back Street Boys' groupie-gal mused that if I ever see her staring off into space she will probably be thinking about her eye-lock with Nick.

"Cling to it," I told her. "Let it get you through the hard times."

And then to make her feel better, I told her to picture him wearing a fast food uniform.


Terri McCormick’s column appears bi-weekly in the Amherst News.


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