Magic of spring hard on the brakes

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Crystal's Corner with Crystal Melanson

Hope you had a super week readers. I'm so excited. It actually feels like spring now. You can feel it. Smell it. Yes, even see it. In my case, I almost ran over it.

Not really, but close.

You know how you can get distracted while driving - bad texting habits, the big screens that flash advertising for businesses, someone honking their horn, the smell of french fries in the air (that's a tough one isn't it) or - looking at nature? Yes, I get distracted by nature and the calmer things in life. They calm me.

So while driving home one day last week I found myself in an especially happy mood - the sun was shining - and there were a dozen or so deer at the top of a field as I drove by and they stood there as beautiful as they are and next I saw a furry, reddish fox bounding over a hill not far away from the deer. As I turned to look back at the road, a smile broke out upon my face. I felt like I was in a Disney movie. Bambi, maybe. Where all the animals are scampering about. It was magical.

That's until my eyes focused back to the road and I hit the brakes to avoid squashing another creature of nature and a colorful one at that - a pheasant. Now some of you may recall how a few years back I may have written a column, or two dozen, with some exasperation at these "roadhogs". Yes, pheasants don't much seem to care about who is driving to or fro, they own the road and will depart it as slowly as their feathered selves decide to. That's their attitude. "Oh, you were driving there? Well, back off until the pheasant is finished crossing the road, lady." So I do. I give the pheasants the right-of-way.

This one, on this day, did a quick little hike to the left away from the front tire all on his own, which may very well have saved its life. Smart thinking pheasant. Sometimes people slow down and take life in smaller and slower steps too.  

Have a great week everyone and happy spring.


Upcoming Events for April:

Films at The Hall: "Sharkwater on Wed, Apr. 16.

Easter Expedition at the library on Thurs, Apr. 10 from 3 - 4 p.m. for grades primary to six. Make an animal collection and listen to a story. Phone 254-2046 to register.

Open Mic at The Hall on Fri, Apr. 11 at 7 p.m. Canteen, door prize, draw. Donation at the door appreciated.

Chorale Concert at The Hall on Sat, Apr. 12 at 7 p.m. with the Parrsboro Citizens' Choir, Elementary School Choir, and The Fellas from Amherst.

E-Reader Help and Assistance at the library on Wed, Apr. 16 from 3 - 5 p.m. for those who need help with their e-reader or are thinking of buying one. Space is limited and you can reserve your seat by calling the library at 254-2046.


HL: Crystal's Quick Notes:

Parrsboro Lions Club Bingo is on Tuesdays at 6 p.m. on Cable TV 5, you can also come to the Lions Den to play, and now on the Internet with streaming video if you log onto

Night Titles Book Club meets at the library every fourth Tuesday of the month from 8 - 9 p.m. For more information and to register, call the library at 254-2046.

Tune into Parrsboro's Community Radio Radio at 99.1 FM CICR for local events, news, and more. Bingo on Thursdays at 6 p.m.

Contact Crystal either by phone 254-2947 or email: if you have anything you would like to see posted.

Inspirational quote for the week ahead is by Henry Wheeler Shaw - "After enlightenment, the laundry."

Organizations: The Hall on Fri, Citizens', Elementary School Choir Parrsboro Lions Club Bingo Night Titles Book Club

Geographic location: Parrsboro, Amherst

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