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Brookdale Notes with Jean Miller

Greetings from Brookdale.

Spring is coming but we just have to have patience. We had a late start Sunday afternoon when Mr. Sun decided to shine on us. We were to have some sun Monday, but the weather forecast changes continually so the next three days will be rainy, maybe until Friday. I gather April will not be good but better than the last six months.

Our prayers still go out to all the families of those on the Malaysia 370 aircraft that is lost. For those who are doing the searching, let’s pray that they will find where the two pings are coming from and hopefully they will find something. It’s not knowing that is causing so much stress.

The Nappan United Church held its roast beef dinner on Saturday and I understand they were really busy. The dinner was delicious as we always get take-outs and Boyd Morris very kindly delivers ours for us. The dinner is at noon but we have ours at suppertime. Rod and I are not big eaters so we are able to get two meals out of ours.

Highland Fling buttons are on sale from members and some members will be at Wal-Mart on April 12-13 and April 19-20. We will also be at the farmer’s market on Electric Street, but I’m not sure of the dates as yet. The gift shop, the foundation office and the coffee shop will also have them. I have tickets as well for Music for the Fling at the ARHS Theatre at $10 each. It is being held on Wednesday, April 23 from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. at the Amherst Regional High School. There will be door prizes as well as a 50/50 draw.

We have a beautiful quilt and the pattern is “Quilt Expressions” donated by one of our members. Tickets are $2 each or three for $5. Breakfast at Brittany’s will be holding a special breakfast with a portion from the cost of each meal donated to the Highland Fling. Mealtime is 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. Please mark your calendar and spread the news as every penny we raise helps to buy equipment for the Cumberland Regional Health Care Centre. The Highland Fling is named after the old Highland View Regional Hospital.

For those who think that the Highland Fling is a dance, come out on May 10 and see what we are all about. We have fun, food, games, used books, lobster rolls, art, crafts, new-to-you, raffles, cakes for mothers, also carnations and other flowers, plants, lobster feed, sweet treats, candy, cakes, pies and upstairs is everything to keep a child happy. Oh yes, we have the Shriner clowns, face painters, balloons, blood pressure booth, teddy bear clinic and a new game called “Crapper Toss,” which is sponsored by the town.

Last year we raised over $41,000 and this year we would like to do better and, to do that, we need your support.

I watched the Trinity-St.Stephen’s United Church service on Eastlink this morning and was delighted to see Charles and Jean Smith there with two little lambs as part of the children’s story. The one called Scottie, an off-white colour, was a triplet and about two weeks old and Thorn was a twin about 10 weeks old and very, very black. I don’t think I have ever seen a black lamb before.

The Smiths have to feed the babies with baby bottles as the moms can only feed one. They had two others that they feed as well. They only name the ones who they have to nurse. My cousin’s daughter, who lives across the road from the Smiths, also has sheep. They named some of theirs by family names. One is called Merna after my mother and Marilyn and Lloyd after my siblings. There was a large children’s choir so there was a lot of interest.

On Saturday, April 12 the Trinity-St.Stephen’s United Church Women are holding a UCW Old Fashioned Spring Tea from 2-4 p.m. I hope to pick up Betty Moore at White Birches so I am hoping for a nice sunny day. Betty had a fall recently but is doing well now, with nothing broken.

Holy Week Services will be held at Christ Anglican Church at noon each day. The Rev. Carolyn MacLeod will be doing Tuesday’s service.

The 16th annual foundation dinner will be held on Saturday, April 26 at the Amherst Regional High School at 5:30 p.m. Tickets are available at the foundation office. The theme for the evening is “Cruise around the World.”

Something to think about: Today is World Health Day and we often wonder whether needles are worth having. My three boys had all their needles growing up. In my day we only had vaccinations prior to going to school and we managed to catch everything going. I never did have measles, even though my siblings went twice around and my boys three times.

According to some stats, after children received shots, there were only 17 cases of measles in 2003 but before that 300,000 and Rubella had 11 cases in 2003 and 69,000 before that. These stats are from the Canadian Coalition for Immunization Awareness and Promotion. I have not had measles or rubella. Shingles vaccines are now available and I did get a shot and shock when I was told the price. I have immune system problems so I try and keep healthy. There is talk of tick bites causing arthritis in children. I have had arthritis ever since I was four, so maybe that is what happened to me? I remember that we lived in Truemanville and I was really sick and my right arm was badly swollen and extremely painful with a rash. I have made it thus far with most of my life behind me and I’m still going so I must be here for some reason.

Weekly Quote: Six Reasons why People Volunteer:

1) To meet people

2) To gain skills

3) To build their resume

4) To have a purpose

5) To have fun

6) Self-fulfillment

School is now in session so drive with caution. If you have any events, birthdays, travels, etc. to put in the paper, please call me at 667-8107 or email me at jeanam@eastlink.ca. Thank you.

Organizations: Amherst Regional High School, Nappan United Church, Wal-Mart ARHS Theatre Cumberland Regional Health Care Centre Highland View Regional Hospital United Church Women Week Services Christ Anglican Church Canadian Coalition for Immunization Awareness

Geographic location: Brookdale, Electric Street, White Birches Truemanville

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