‘Hello sunshine, hello rain’

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Viewpoint with Rev. Byron Corkum

Can you imagine how dull life would be if every day was the same? Think how boring it would be if every person was the same!

One of the great gifts given to us by God is the uniqueness of each day and of every person. Each morning as we wake up we have a whole new day awaiting us.

What will it offer us? Will there be new adventures? Will there be happy times or will we face sad times? Will the sun shine all day or will it snow? It is a whole new unexplored adventure. 

What God has given us is the freedom to use or lose that day. It is a choice each of us have to make. Yes, there will be times when circumstances will dictate how the day goes, but on the whole, it is up to us.

To me, it is the exciting part of being alive. To wake up with the knowledge there is something new to learn, some challenge to deal with and the realization that just being alive is a special blessing. We need to see each day as a special gift and make the most of it before time passes and we have a lifetime of regrets for things undone, places unseen and opportunities missed.

The other amazing thing God has created is humankind. We are such a unique creation. No two of us are completely alike. We each have our own gifts and talents, strengths and weaknesses.

What is common to all of us is the ability to give love and receive love and this is what sets us apart from the rest of the created order. How we develop can be influenced by family, society, circumstances and many other factors. Some of us will have the strength to avoid the negative influences while others will succumb to them. We have the power to make other people’s lives wonderful or miserable. We have the power to change the world by simply being a positive force at work in the world. It is quite a responsibility for each of us to face, but what an incredible impact we have on others when we accept the challenge to love our neighbours, to love ourselves and to try to live in keeping with the guidelines set for us by God. He doesn’t expect us to be something we aren’t but he does expect us to live up to the potential we have. God created life to be celebrated and enjoyed. How we do this is up to us.

So, tomorrow morning, rise up greet the day and look for the good you can do and celebrate the fact that you have another day to use. One of these days, you might wish you had taken advantage of those days. 

Amy Grant in her latest CD has a song Greet the Day in which she sings:

 “Hey, Hey, this is how I greet the day... hello sunshine, hello rain glad to see you either way. Lead me to the ones I need and to the ones who’s needing me... I won’t assume the worst is true, and do the best that I can do.”


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