Amherst needs to expand its boundaries, attract new business

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Walt's World with Walter Jones

In my roaming across Canada, my wife and I have managed to live in five different provinces, and 10 different communities. We have lived in small communities, under 10,000 and large cities of more than two million, in smaller cities half a million to a million and I still feel that, taking everything into consideration,

Amherst is superior to them all. In quality of life we know no equal. So what you may ask, that is only your opinion, and so it is, but I think it is valid and more than that I think we are not telling enough people about it.

I started thinking about this after going to the town’s website and looking at the nice videos we have there. I have said this before, and I am going to say it again. Amherst is boxed in by the county. We need to extend our boundaries. I know easier said than done. I am sure the county would not be happy, but that does not mean it should not be done.  

Amherst in order to grow needs a bigger tax base and since the town could provide services to homes that  border us it makes sense.

Another thing that may not be apparent is if a new building is being built just outside town limits, it looks as if the town is not growing, since the added population is added to the county.

Now that we have a new MLA maybe he might get involved in this. I am sure the majority of his votes came from Amherst.

Something else the town needs to grow are new businesses that create new jobs. I was reading an article about a company in Yarmouth and how the CEO described his efforts to expand business. He was praising cold calling on potential customers as a way to get them to buy.

I thought what a wonderful idea. Perhaps that's what Amherst needs to do. We have these wonderful videos already, so why not use these?

Perhaps the town could look at what industries would make a good fit for the town, or simply industries that might benefit from our location and do some cold calling.

Send our videos to these industries with a nice letter asking them to contact us. Or even do a shotgun approach and send out hundreds of these to companies in  Canada and the United States. This is low cost and might give big rewards.

Since I am on the subject of Amherst, I would like to comment on the old sandstone building that used to house the BMO and the town police department.

I read with interest the letter to the editor that said it should not be saved since it had no historical value. I also chuckled because in the same letter he complimented the town on renovating the Dominion Building. It also has no historical significance, since it was just a post office. He made my point with that comment.

It is good that the Dominion Building was saved because it is a fine looking building and adds to the look of the downtown. All our sandstone buildings give our town a distinct look and adds to its charm. We have, over the years, lost a lot of historical buildings in he downtown. Do we now add to the loss by tearing down a building on our main street? It has nothing to do with how historically significant the building is, but how it would change the face of the street.

 Walt’s World appears periodically in the Amherst News.


Organizations: Dominion Building, BMO, Amherst News

Geographic location: Canada, Yarmouth, United States

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Recent comments

  • Al
    February 05, 2014 - 16:33

    Amherst has the reputation of turning aside industry. I' m refering to Molson, Cambell Soup, Michaelon Tire and others who were told to take a hike. We can never recover now. Moncton has the industry and reputation to attract the rest. We in Amherst are stuck with all the welfare cases from the families of inmates in the Springhill and Dorchester institution. That's where our tax dollars are going. Quite an industry for slum landlords.

  • Doug P
    January 31, 2014 - 13:49

    How about instead of priding our town on our water being the best east of the Rockies; how about truly selling our town as the the lowest taxes in all of Canada and prove it up. Then send those letters out to businessmen all across our country weary from their own governments tax loads. If you DO IT they will come! All of the nonsense in the above article is nothing more than an alcoholic looking for sobriety in his next drink.

  • Doug P
    January 31, 2014 - 13:23

    1.For Amherst business to grow, The Town of Amherst needs to drastically lower taxation. No pretending, or shell games, but real sizable cuts. No one will come to an area were they are looted blind, and if bad enough will cause people to leave. 2. The bigger any government gets at any level, the poorer the people who have to suffer under it will become. 3. Those who keep calling for more government and new laws don't understand they are calling for the Boa Constrictor to grip tighter. It just so happens that the constrictor is wrapped firmly around our economy. The answer is simple yet impossible to find the courage to do. Cut anywhere and every where. We need less government in every way. I get it, saying this is sacrilege to many, sadly it is much like convincing people that their greatest hero is nothing more than felon, but the truth is a strong antiseptic always worth saying.