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Heritage Corner with Pat Crowe

Aug. 4, 1938 – Springhill Record

Only three Councillors and his Worship the Mayor were in attendance of the regular meeting of the council Friday evening. These were Councillors Rector, Noiles and Fowler. With a bare quorum present, the session was one of the quietest in recent months, the only flare up came when the Mayor refused to sign accounts for materials order by members of the committee in charge of special relief work.

Councillor Rector pointed out that someone had to order the tools and material needed if the work was to be carried out.

It was pointed out by the Clerk that the Mayor also refused to order materials needed for the Water Dept. of which he is Chairman. The supplies were order by other members of the committee.

Councillor Fowler reminded the Mayor that he also refused to sign the cheques of the Town.

Councillor Rector asked the Mayor if it was not correct that he had offered to sign all the cheques providing he was permitted to construct all the manholes needed. Rector’s remark drew a sharp retort from the Mayor and it was several minutes before things settled down. 


GL: Carter asks for square deal

William Carter, Junction Road, asked the assistance of the Council in securing compensation for the damage done his property during the building of Junction Road. Others, he said, had been remunerated and he thought he should be treated the same. The matter was left over for investigation.


HL: Dr. Wardrope receives 30-year medal for faithful service

Dr. M.J. Wardrope, Medical Examiner, for the past 30 years, of the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company was honored this week by a visit from the District Superintendant, Mr. T.C. McDougall, Moncton, who came to present personally the Company’s award for “Faithful Service” – a very beautiful jewel consisting of the ten year medal (presented in 1917) to which had been added the 25 year bar with diamond and the 30 year bar, all parts being 14K gold. It is one of two in Nova Scotia, a similar jewel being held by Dr. Charles Morrison of New Waterford.

Dr. Wardrope, needless to say, is very pleased to be so honored and to be the owner of so beautiful a taken.


Aug. 25, 1938 – New bus line will operate through Springhill

The Acadian Couch Lines have started operation through Springhill, taking over routes that were formally serviced by the S.M.T. between Halifax, Truro, Sydney and the Border. The coach lines will be operated identically on the same schedule with the exception that the bus that ran through the Wentworth Valley will now run via Parrsboro. The fares will be the same and in fact, some of the equipment has been chartered from S.M.T. until it can be replaced in the near future with modern parlor coaches.

Dr. H.D. McLeod of Yarmouth loaned to the Acadia Couch Lines by Wagner Tours Ltd. for the purpose of organizing the coach run, was in town on Wednesday with O.C. Nickerson, Assistant General Passenger and Express Agent of the Acadia Lines. They arranged for the appointment of Hyatt’s Restaurant as their agent and the buses will stop at Hyatt’s Restaurant on Main Street.


May 1938 – Canadian Legion will officially open bandstand

The Canadian Legion announced it will officially open the Bandstand on Friday, June 3rd at 7 p.m.

The Band has been working hard at practice all winter and through the spring. Bandmaster Thomas Barrow is pleased with their work and the general public may look forward to an outstanding program on Friday evening.  The program is listed below.

Band program: “Canada”; March “Belphegor” Brespant Overture “Last Spiel” Kela Bela Waltz “The Silver Glade” Skaggs selection from Merry Widow LeBar March “Invercargill” Lithgrow;   Intermission  March “Old Comrades” Teike Overture “Twilight” Newton selection from “Faust” arr. Hayes March “El Capitan” Sousa “Around the Campfire” Seredey “God Save The King”

Speakers present on this occasion will include Mayor S.W. Davidson; A.B. Smith, MLA and A.J. Mason.

While the stand itself is complete there is still a great deal of work to do on the grounds. These are being leveled off and grass seed will be sown. Trees have already been planted at the rear of the stand and as money is available flower beds will be set out and other improvements will be made to beautify this spot. The general public can do much to assist in this work by keeping out of the stand and seeing that the children do not make it a playground. The appearance of the stand during the last couple of ballgames, when the public was climbing all over the stand and wiping dirty boots on the paint does not lend much encouragement to the Canadian Legion for all the time and effort they have put into the project. “No trespassing” signs may have to be erected and drastic action taken to see that it is used only for the purpose for which it was intended.

A special word of praise in the completion of the work should be accorded to the Chairman of Streets, Councillor Wm. T. Noiles and his Superintendant of Streets, Daniel Davis, who gave invaluable assistance in filling in and leveling off the ground around the stand. 



Organizations: Water Dept., William Carter, Acadia Couch Lines Metropolitan Life Insurance Company Faithful Service Canadian Legion Acadian Couch Lines Wagner Tours The Silver The King

Geographic location: Junction Road, Nova Scotia, New Waterford Sydney Wentworth Valley Canada

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