‘Feeling like you’re wrapped in the fluffy arms of Jesus’

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That's Life

As we get deeper and deeper into winter, I layer up. And I'm not just talking about outerwear. I am famous for bundling up for bed. That's right, some folks get on the flannels before they hit the sheets during the cold months, but I prefer a "snowsuit."

Seriously, if I could wear one to bed I would, but since no one has invented an adult sleep snowsuit, get working on it Regal! I tend to just pile on the clothes.

Along with fleece health sheets, which make you feel like you've been wrapped in the fluffy arms of Jesus, I first slip into flannel sleep pants, then comes a long-sleeved shirt with a sweatshirt over top.

My pale and vulnerable twig-like body must not catch a chill and then and only then am I ready for slumber. Sometimes I will mix it up and wear a sweater to bed, I kid you not. Maybe you lose body heat as you get older because of thinner skin, poor circulation or perhaps it's all part of the disappearing process (we shrink as we age until in the end we are no bigger than a raisin with hair) but for whatever reason, I need constant warmth.

My husband teases me; as I roll my layered body into bed he will often ask if I would like a coat and hat to wear.

My cats and dog like to curl up with me at night as well, and although I am an animal lover I do have ulterior motives for having my pets join me in bed: more warmth. There are rare moments when I wake up at 2 a.m. covered in sweat and gasping for air. That's when I whip off my sweatshirt or sweater and peel the odd cat off my body, but it has to be a really mild night for that to happen.

Most times I just sink into the various fabrics that surround my frame and help prevent me from turning into a middle-aged frozen pizza pop. I know people who swear by sleeping in the nude. Even in the winter they love to crack open a window, pile on the blankets and crawl in buck naked. That just isn't for me, what if there was a fire? Give me a V-neck sweater, yoga pants and socks any night of the week, oh yeah, and don't forget the Magic Bag.


Terri McCormick’s column appears bi-weekly in the Amherst News.

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