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At the Y

This New Year, instead of focusing on changes that you need to make for yourself or your family, think of the positive things that you achieved in 2013.

The New Year is traditionally a time to make resolutions and change your lifestyle. However, it can also be a time to check in with old resolutions and make sure you are still on the path to success. You may find that the resolutions you made last year are still holding true.

Did you change your exercise and eating habits in 2013? Did you stop smoking, manage your stress, or reduce your debt? These are typical resolutions that people hope to accomplish during the New Year. Resolutions are a slippery slope and can either hinder or motivate you. Resolutions often contain self-defined guidelines that will help you stay on track. However, if you fear you are not self-disciplined enough to stick to your guidelines you can get additional support.

Our behaviours are often linked together and we must learn to manage one or more to overcome an unhealthy habit. For example, you suffer from stress and when you are stressed, you eat. Due to excessive eating you have gained weight. Therefore, to manage your weight successfully you have to manage your stress, which will in turn affect your eating habits and weight.

Support can come from a variety of people and places. The YMCA is offering their 5th Annual Fitness Challenge, beginning in January. The orientation night will be held Monday, Jan. 6 at 6:30 p.m. This 12-week program offers individualized support and access to the facility including group fitness classes and individual conditioning. Regular check-ins will help you stay on track and motivated. If you are determined and committed, surrounding yourself with positive and encouraging people will strengthen your success.

Stacey Coombs is a membership services representative at the YMCA Association of Cumberland. At the Y appears bi-weekly in The Amherst News.



Organizations: YMCA, The Amherst News

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