First Month of Nissan Juke Sales More than 11,000

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Compact crossovers are all the rage right now, but a special breed of even tinier tots is now emerging to claim its own very unique slice of the crossover pie.

Unique? Take a look at Nissan's ultra-odd cube. It's not mainstream by any stretch of the imagination, and no doubt took a stretch of imagination to conjure up. The same must be said for Scion's xB, soon to arriving in Canada. Darling of the new segment is Kia's Soul, however, which is selling strongly for good reason; it's good looking, drives well and is fully featured for the price. So what about the Juke?

Juke is the name of Nissan's next entry. That's right. Nissan, already selling the cube, has created something altogether new with a name that might conjure up thoughts of a jukebox. It certainly doesn't look like a box. Juke might be more fitting for something squarely shaped, like the cube, rather than something so curvaceous.

The Juke just starting selling in its home market of Japan, and if domestic sales are any indication it should sell extremely well here. A total of 10,943 orders have been taken for the micro-crossover, but of course domestic Japanese sales hardly ever reflect the success rate of North American versions of the same car.

The North American version will be priced under $20,000, according to reports, which will make it appealing to entry-level buyers. Time will tell if the Juke will pull on our collective heartstrings as much as the Soul has, but likely Nissan has done its homework and knows it will sell enough to make importation worthwhile.

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