Michelin announces $73 million investment at Waterville

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Michelin North America reinforced its commitment to the province of Nova Scotia today by announcing a $73 million project investment at its Waterville truck tire plant. Michelin anticipates the investment will create approximately 50 new jobs in the Annapolis Valley. 

Of that $73 million, the province is contributing $8.9 million.

“Today’s announcement shows once again that Michelin believes in both the province of  Nova Scotia and our highly skilled employees,” said Dana LeBlanc, President, Michelin North America (Canada) Inc. "The demand is growing in North America for our wide based tire products like the MICHELIN® X One®, and this manufacturing investment at Waterville will help us meet that demand.”

Premier Darrell Dexter was on hand for the announcement.

“Companies like Michelin have demonstrated that Nova Scotians, and particularly the workers and industries in rural Nova Scotia, can be among the world’s best in quality and productivity,” Dexter said. “This investment will help Michelin create an anticipated 50 new, high-value jobs in rural Nova Scotia.”

The Michelin Waterville plant will make capital investments in equipment improvements and increased production capacity over the next four to five years. The project will include the installation of new technologies in all aspects of the manufacturing process, supporting the success and continued growth of wide based tire products like the MICHELIN® X One® for commercial trucking in North America.  In addition, the project will include a 3,000 sq. metre assembly building expansion. Hiring for positions will be ongoing as the project develops.

Organizations: Michelin North America

Geographic location: Nova Scotia, North America, Annapolis Valley Canada Nova Scotians

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Recent comments

  • John
    February 25, 2013 - 08:18

    Those 50 new employees will never make as much as mom or dad $25.00 per .they stand to make $18 per hour.

  • Clem
    February 24, 2013 - 13:14

    Start believing Bent the NDP will put NS so far in debt you will think your all back into mining again. Michelin may be good for many low income and family people of present staff; these families will still be low income not moving to middle income. You can not achieve a better standard of living by cutting back and reducing your spending. Michelin stop grand standing and pay your staff all those give-away dollers then they can tell the rest of the world what a great company Michelin is to work with.

  • Peter
    February 15, 2013 - 09:04

    I think this is great IF we also gave the same support for local businesses. $8.9 Million could support 12 small businesses in hiring more than 50 jobs. With it being spread across a wider business segmant the likelyhood is the small businesses would grow and the jobs continue to come in. It would also be useful to trace the spend of these dollars as the government seems to write the check with no follow up on what it is spent on. In the Maritimes I have seen businesses hold governments to ransom to sustain jobs and move the money out of the company when recieved, especially on PEI. With so many negatives comments you have to think 'we' are doing something wrong with the people who we vote in?

  • John
    February 12, 2013 - 23:36

    Tax dollars wasted is right!! I had to move out West cause i was a contractor working in the Granton plant,and you couldn't buy a permanent job because they hired all the sons and daughters of the people that worked there.Filled out app after app and not even an interview,what a joke.Couldn't survive off the measley 10 bucks an hour.Eventually moved to Alberta and now working for a well Known and respected company here who gives alot more opportuninity then Michelin Tire ever will !! The only people that brag that place up havent seen what real opportunity is!!

  • Michael
    January 23, 2013 - 18:55

    Steve, more tax dollars wasted, ya that is exactly what it is not. It only keeps over 3000+ jobs in Nova Scotia, keeps fathers, mothers, duaghters, Sons and family together instead of heading out west. Pays a good pay so that people don't have to leave and also, follows the chain down the community in money spent at grocery stores, car dealerships, mortgages, not to mention it gives back SO MUCH to the community with donating money to such charities as United Way, your local YMCA and Wellncess Centers($500 000 in Pictou County), food banks, Bike week for the kids where they donate free helmets, have people fix the bikes up for them, family picnics for Canada Day, Christmas parties for the kids and families and gifts for the kids every year. Free skates for families that work there and friends at local rinks, and to be honest, I could keep going and going about what they do for the people that work there and their families,tell me other companies that do that here in Nova Scotia. so wasted tax money? I think not, I am proud to work there, and glad I have a future for the next 20 years when I can retire. What are you doing?

  • bent Andersen
    January 23, 2013 - 06:27

    Never believed that the NDP would be duped by Michelin. 50 new jobs my foot,that will never happend!!!.These jobs will just be people that will be taken from somewhere else within the plants.

  • AGM
    January 17, 2013 - 13:21

    Great News! It's great to hear of quality manufacturing jobs being added to our economy. Thank you to Michelin for continuing to beleive in our local work force.

    • steve
      January 18, 2013 - 08:37

      More taxpayer dollars wasted!