Wind developer fires back at Murray

Darrell Cole
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Accuses singer of trying to sabotage project

AMHERST - Charles Demond is not happy.

Days after singer and part-time Gulf Shore resident Anne Murray came out publicly against a proposed wind farm near her summer home, the project's developer fired back saying Murray's comments will only inflame the situation there.

"It's not helpful at all for the business of our company and wind farms at large to have someone like Anne Murray saying this is going to be a catastrophe for the area," Demond said. "We don't accept that and it's categorically not true. If she did any bit of research she'd come to that conclusion herself."

Demond's company, Atlantic Wind Power, wants to erect between 20 and 27 100-metre tall wind turbines in the Gulf Shore area. Demond claims the turbines will be far enough away from homes and cottagers so as not to have a negative impact on area residents.

"I think it's NIMBY (not in my backyard) on steroids. She's 2.4 kilometres away," he said. "If that's an unreasonable interference with her property then I have no understanding of how society should work."

Murray joined a growing chorus of opponents to the proposed wind farm when she commented last week that she'd like to see the turbines moved further away from the Gulf Shore.

Demond has attempted to contact Murray, but was told by her publicist that the singer has no reason to talk to him.

Area residents have been fighting the project since it was first proposed and urged Cumberland County to set the distance between the turbines and their properties at a minimum of two kilometres. Instead, the municipality passed a bylaw setting the distance at the greater of three times the height of the turbine or 500 metres.

"We cannot have this province being led around by people who treat it as their own personal playground," he said. "It's insulting those people in Pugwash who support this project. Unfortunately they don't have the bank accounts that say they're important. I don't accept that."

Demond said his company wants to have a sensible dialogue with all parties regarding his proposed project, but is finding it hard to do so with all the rhetoric and misinformation out there.

Organizations: Atlantic Wind Power

Geographic location: Cumberland County, Pugwash

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Recent comments

  • pj
    January 18, 2010 - 11:22

    all the folk that want Inviroment friendly thing's ...??? Why turn down such a Good project as this.??/p

  • Karen
    January 18, 2010 - 11:19

    I don't understand what Anne Murray is complaining for, she never stays at her cottage on Gulf Shore only her ex-husband does. I know this because I used to live in the area for 20 years and she was never around just Bruce.

  • anthony
    January 18, 2010 - 11:18

    this like many other things boggles my mind, not so much that there are opponents, but that living in a democratic society, no one thinks to say, hey, we can have a mass public vote to decide. Even if it's just pugwash/the gulf shore community, I think if both side put together some information why it's good and why it's not and issued the information to the homes of those people, and a week later had a vote, it would be a community decision, and problem solved. sure you'll have unhappy people either way, but honestly, If it doesn't go in the company sells it's properties and the value of homes in the area will go down drastically, and it will result in an economic slump, industry will look at it as back water community with the nimby principle in effect and it will be a another how many years before an industry tries to do something. That goes for Cumberland country and surrounding areas as a whole as well.

  • William J
    January 18, 2010 - 10:54

    Though I live in Arkansas USA I do have a small lot along the Gulf Shore Road that I someday hope to develop as a residence, I understand Mr. Demons upset with Ms. Anne Murray for the sole reason because of her situation in life may cause her voice to be heard just a little louder than some of the other residents in the area being disputed, and I believe it is correct
    that she should stand up for her neighbors rights in a situation such as this is, It is only being a decent and good citizen to do so.
    Mr. Demon should also understand that this is exactly what Anne is doing, not for the sole reason Mr. Demon's project would interfere with her particular home site but her neighbors home as well,
    Bravo Anne, Bravo
    Bill Coker

  • anonymous
    January 18, 2010 - 10:39

    Anne is a land owner and has the right to her opinion here. I read her side of the argument and also Demond's side. Anne has said she is all for progress but would rather not have these windmills so close to the shore where she lives. So, what is wrong with her expressing that opinion? NOTHING! Also, Anne does spend her summers there, whether you see her or not. She also was never married to a Bruce! A previous writer mentioned a Bruce being around. That would be her brother, not her ex husband.

  • Starr
    January 18, 2010 - 10:33

    I am with anony and the first comment. Let the people vote for what they feel is good for the area. I live near an area with a wind farm. The area is in the middle of the mountains and there are no homes to be seen. The other wind farms I have seen have also been in the middle of West Coast where there is NO-ONE. Anne does spend her summers there, and as she gets closer to retirement she spends more time there than ever. I do not blame her, the area is lovely. Not only is there noise but flickering, who wants that ......Good for Anne for having the guts to speak out...

  • Sherry
    January 18, 2010 - 10:29

    While they are environmentally friendly, they are also environmentally unfriendly in the way that they create noise and are said to cause physical ailments to those that live near them. Plus not all people find them attractive to look at.

    I recently travelley through Maine where there is a hill with about 20 or so wind mills on top, while impressive for me to look at as I travelled by, I'm not sure I would want to live near them.

    It is definately a catch 22 situation, darned if you do and darned if you don't. I think they may be a tourist attraction if there are a lot of them put up.

    I guess the overall benefits needs to be looked at from every angle, not just from the perspective of the persons who are going to make a lot of money off of these wind mills