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Thanks and good-bye

Adam, meet Eve

Flipper is his human name

By sea or land

Is democracy dead?

Eye of the beholder

"Foreign service? Worst. Job. Evar."

Who shops local?

Airborne sharks can kill you

How DARE you want your money?

Conservative Party failing

Bad decision welcomed

Saints and imbeciles

U.S.A.! U.S.A.! U.S.A.!

I want a hover car

Obama the Jailer

Self-serving "leadership"

Will Percy Paris beat me up now?

Racism and discrimination

Changes at the newspaper

Whisky and whiskey

Write a poem already.

Freedom isn't free

Louisburg disappoints

Who wants to live forever?

If God had a lawnmower...

Welcome immigrants

Red dirt backyard

Don't outsource courage

Define liberty

Inside the newsroom

Apes are people too

Ships founder here

Anarchy in the UK

My short attention span

Hope for humanity

Beer brawl

Duffy a low-grade scammer?

Govt neutrality a myth

Easy Rider? No. More like Awkward Rider.

Well done, sir

Welsh sheep and racial slurs

Your home is your castle

Tyrants tackling tyranny

MP should disavow dishonesty

Ten bucks well spent

They don't care about you

Don't mention Boston

Macho slogans get us nowhere

Martians are evil

It's our train station

Robot uprising

What I'm surfing

Is Iraq better?

Not so free speech

The threat is real

Bears rock

Fire the MPs

Eric jumps the shark?

Yes men say no

It's the law, so obey it

Silence is golden...for government

In your court

Yummy GM foods

We're apes

Tin pot dictators

What does conservative mean?

Dreamers and skeptics

He'll be missed

Anti-hero mourned

Armchair general's answers

The Supremes in Santa suits

Suzuki fears Sun

Marois was right...sorry, I mean wrong

Post office renamed Black Beard Building

And the Oscar goes to...!


Skabar? Bueller? Anyone...?

Animals deserve better

Farley Mowat naked?

Me and my meeples

Wrestling pinned

I need you TV

Wentworth deserves better

Death by dead

Happy Darwin Day!

Choo, choo!...chugga, chugga, chugga, chugga...

Killer or victim?

Invasion of the killer cats

Surf's up

I behaved like a musk ox

Silence not golden

Free speech on campus

The 'evil' one per cent

These bikes are cool

Budget cut buffoonery

Privacy or concealment?

Dive, dive, dive!

Chief Spence can't be trusted

Bombers and guns

Cop shop stop

Space? Again, Eric?

New you in 2013

Best of 2012 lists

Favourite carols

Keep 'Christmas' in Christmas

Winter escape

The case of Chester

The universe is fake

Council's misstep

Don't mess with X-mas

Cub creates a Ruckus

Donut king sidelined

The Internet is bad for you

Red scare on campus

If I was emperor

To infinity...

Never die

Gift ideas

Overthrow the Queen

We are not alone

God hates girls?

Tragedy of the Commons


Call me Grinch

Idol worshippers repent!

Lego my lego

Two kinds of conservatives

Message to Mr. Flaherty

A tom named Sally

All Hallow's Eve

PC fools, empire and poppies

Offal hors d'ouevres and fetid feasts

Pioneer spirit lacking

Lotteries suck

I've got nothing to add

"Hey George, the ocean called..."

What's Harper hiding?

I call him Hissy

What scares you?

Survive and thrive

Qui audet adipiscitur

Trudeau fever? Take a pill.

Bad pets

A bullet train in every backyard!

Nuke 'em if you got 'em


Obama lost

Sportsplex a private affair

TV is your friend

Vancouver's overrated

Cloak of secrecy

Colonial Canada

Free Shamu!

Give them the grape...

Happy Ho-Ho!


I'm here to rob you

Is Daddy a nutjob?

Homegrown hellfire

North Korea sucks

Liars, crooks and miscreants

Nova Scotia libre!

Freedom at swordpoint

UFOs and a dad's love

Morons and murderers

Giant leap for humankind

Misplaced outrage

Your morning smile in the afternoon

Crazy Town

Hell no

Still deserving better

Marine mammals deserve better

Not your morning smile

The president can kill you

What's your poison?

Eight-legged freaks!

To infinity and beyond

Racism is here

Killer robots

Bronze in the best sports

Are witch doctors next?

No fearing extreme hardcore!

Mind your business

Be silent and obey

BBQ toes and transformations

I am Vortex!

Godzilla attacks Colorado

Vote Stubbs!


Soap box shenanigans

Dead horses

Operation Arc Light

Live trap, dead bear

Pit bull panic

Your garden will kill you

Fly us to the moon

City living swindle

Chimp fight

A hypochondriac's nightmare

Hype or hope?

Sheep with sharp teeth

Government knows best

Prez's new hobby: r/c planes

More stuff to ignore

Where did he go?