Easy Rider? No. More like Awkward Rider.

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I’m back!

A week’s vacation. If it’s tough feeling motivated the day before vacation, how tough is it the first day back? I’ll get fired up about something soon enough, though.

My week off was more useful than restful. Tuesday was cleaning up around the property. Wednesday I built an addition to my tool shed. Thursday I ran errands in Moncton. Friday night and all day Saturday and Sunday I was doing my motorcycle course.

There’s a reason my sport of choice in younger years, weightlifting, was one that required close to zero physical coordination. I don’t think I’m a klutz, but my poor performance in the motorcycle test – barely squeaking out a pass – would indicate otherwise.

Let’s just say it’s probably a good thing I’ve acquired a very small displacement motorcycle. If I had a Harley Road King at home, or a 600 supersport of some kind, I might feel woefully unprepared to jump on my bike. But instead I bought a Honda CBR 125 – this: http://roadrider.com.au/bike-reviews/honda-cbr125r

Inexpensive to buy, inexpensive to feed, with a top speed that will keep me on the sane side of dangerous. Not the bike you want to drive down to Halifax, that’s for sure, but for the county’s backroads or a quick jaunt into town, it should serve the purpose.

Thing is, I’m not looking for a new lifestyle. Some of my classmates – all of whom did better on their riding tests than I did – were talking about the big road trip they hoped to do in the future.

I don’t want to do a big road trip. I don’t want to join a club, or meet up with a posse of buddies with a love of bikes in common for day-long jaunts. I just want something that will be fun to drive to Parrsboro and back on a sunny Sunday afternoon, mostly by myself

My colleagues in the office – especially the ones who ride – are having fun mocking my small motorcycle. I’m fine with that. I join in some times. For the record, while the engine is small, the frame isn’t especially tiny. My wife says I don’t look like a Shriner in a parade when I sit on it. And on the showroom floor, the uninformed would need a second look to tell the 125 and the 500 apart.

I aced the written portion of the test. Hurray for me. Once an egghead, always an egghead, I guess.

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