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The appropriate words all have four letters and can’t be published by me here.

Two years. That’s how long it’s been since River Hebert’s school began its renovation. The project has been on hold for a year. And now the board has fired the firm overseeing the build.

Listen, full marks for doing what needs to be done. Clearly the school wasn’t getting built, and maybe this is the way to fix that. Maybe. But I’m frankly not looking for excuses anymore nor are the residents of River Hebert. No one cares why it hasn’t happened.

Get it done.

Heads should roll over this. The PC’s provincial ad campaign should include an attack ad featuring River Hebert. The level of neglect and incompetence is truly staggering.

No one’s off the hook, either. The school board should have been more forthcoming with details about the delays. More insight into why the process has stalled might have bought slightly more understanding from the public.

Brian Skabar should be taking a bigger role in this, too. I know, I know, not his jurisdiction. But it is his party. And kids from River Hebert will be students in Amherst if that school closes. Bottom line, he’s the closest thing this region has to an elected representative of the government in power and he should be fuming mad his colleagues in Halifax have bungled this so badly.

And what about those bunglers? I wrote yesterday about all the construction in Halifax. The downtown is sprouting cranes. There are people in this province who can get things built. Sprott erected a forest of turbines in short order. But apparently government – or rather, this incarnation of it (at least) – can’t make things happen.

Why is that? I think the answer is pretty clear: Government isn't adequately responsible to the electorate. Worrying about openly and fairly representing the wishes of constituents and taxpayers is far down the line after caring about their own careers and the future of their parties.

No one is responsible, no one is reprimanded, no one loses their job, no one provides substantive answers, no one thinks they owe you or me or any taxpayer honest answers or an honest reckoning.

Sorry doesn’t cut it. No one wants another ‘sorry’ from a public official. Sorry is just a word. Firing a private party may be a start, yes, but surely there’s a bureaucrat or politician who also shares a measure of the failure in River Hebert?

Don’t hold your breath. Like the proverb says, failure is an orphan. No one will own this disaster. 


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