Martians are evil

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Excitement about Mars is heating up. Mars One is looking for would-be colonists; Earthlings willing to permanently move to the red planet in 2023: Meanwhile, Inspiration Mars Foundation has an even more imminent deadline: January, 2018. That’s when they hope to have two human perform a flyby of Mars -

My interest in spaceflight is well-documented in this blog. It’s an interesting time to have this passion. A hundred years from now, flights within our solar system may be relatively routine, while flights to another solar system may be far off. But in the next few decades, there’s a reasonable chance humanity will start inhabiting multiple planets.

I thought it might be fun to take a bit of time and provide links to sources detailing where and how we might live off Earth’s surface.

This writer makes a pitch for orbital colonies, foregoing the surface of other moons or planets for outer space:

Some have suggested asteroid mines, presumably inhabited, could serve as galactic gas stations:

Lagrange points might serve as good starting points for near-Earth development:

A brief NASA primer on colonization (the info is decades-old but interesting):

Discovery’s pros and cons of moon exploration:

And the challenges of moonbase building:

Living on Mars:

This what a base there might be like:

A Popular Mechanics take on the same topic:

Now this is kind of fun: computer-generated images of the interior of a Mars base. You can even (sort of) navigate through the structure:

Finally, before we get too excited, it’s worth watching a documentary clip from the first encounter we had with the natives of Mars: 

Clearly, any colonists we send should be accompanied by some jedi knights and a battlestar or two.


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