Death by dead

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Can we agree that the whole ‘using zombies as a theme for emergency preparedness exercises to generate publicity’ gimmick is done? Page 11 of today’s paper has a news brief on a security symposium in Quebec that will be looking at how to handle the rise of the living dead.

British Columbia already did it:

The CDC already did it:

The Red Cross already did it:

It’s become so common, so overexposed, one could be forgiven for thinking this is a serious article:,1815/

So enough already. To the bureaucrats: zombies were cool decades ago, and they’ll be cool long after The Walking Dead has vanished, but co-opting a cool thing over and over again for public service campaigns will always be lame.

True zombie fans know that zombie apocalypse preparedness is useless without lots of guns and lots of target practice. Will the Quebec conference be promoting that message, too? To get a taste of what the undead end will look like, just check out this movie trailer:



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