Red scare on campus

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Apparently being a starfleet engineer doesn’t mean you can’t be an idiot. When Mars rover investigator John Grotzinger hinted that Curiosity had discovered something very important recently – “one for the history books” – he apparently just meant that the data collected during the whole mission would be historically significant:

No announcement of life found, or organic compounds, or really anything at all. Just an attempt to hype something that needs no hype. Grotzinger, sir, you may be much smarter than me, but I frown upon your deception. (Harsh words, but I can be like that when someone lies about aliens.)

This next story reads like a sci-fi movie come to life…

Listen, I get that bad neighbours are a big problem. And I understand it’s hard to create legislation to deal with it. But what!? You can’t ship problem neighbours to shipping container homes - under the surveillance of social workers and police – when they haven’t been found guilty of a crime. It’s not that some jerks don’t deserve harsh treatment, it’s that how do you impose that treatment in cases where the standard of criminality have not been met? I dunno. Maybe there’s more to it – checks and balances – but the synopsis reads like the very essence of overbearing big government.

Free speech. It’s a fairly simple principle. But it’s also simple to muddy:

My guess is Will is just giving a quick glimpse of what is rampant and widespread in universities across the continent. My university was a hotbed of socialist sentiment – which was fine with me, because I was a socialist at the time. But anyone who didn’t agree the tools of government (the people’s voice, right?) should be used liberally to reshape culture was a capitalist or fascist (like the one is as bad as the other).

Socialism is evil. Discuss.

A few quick hits. Bizarre or just a lad helping with the chores?

A man with a pet bison:

And finally, gun sales have skyrocketed in Virginia, but gun-related violence has dropped 24-per cent:


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