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What have I been thinking? How did it take me so long to write a blog entry on this topic?

In keeping with my habit of frivolous Friday posts, a story in the Toronto Star - - has prompted me to write an ode to Lego.

That’s right, Lego, the kids toy. Except it’s not just for kids anymore. They even have a term for people like me. No, not loser. We’re called AFOLs – Adult Fans of Lego.

I played with the bricks as a kid, of course. But the resumption of the activity came much later. Now I have the bug full-tilt.

Whether it’s picking up the latest minifigures at Coles (, or assembling a hero factory robot at my work desk (, few days pass without me grabbing bricks and building something.

That’s right, bricks. That’s what the cool kids are calling them today. There’s a wealth of web-sites devoted to Lego building and collecting. Brickset is a go-to site for standard sets:

For wicked custom work, though, the list is endless:,,,,, and

OK, so the list is six, which is a few shy of endless. But really, you could just keep adding and adding.

Honestly, I’m not entirely sure why Lego appeals to me. I don’t use it creatively, developing my own models. I just follow the instructions that come with the kits, then put the finished sets on a shelf. Eventually I break them down, then all the pieces go in a big Tupperware box, where they’ll languish for the 300,00-odd years it will take for them to degrade back into a natural petroleum substance.

But man, the process of seeing, desiring, acquiring, building and displaying is a lot of fun.

So, to finish, here’s a few of my favourite sets I’ve built, and a few on my list to acquire…


My acquisitions I’ll break into vintage and new. Yes, it’s nerdy, and yes, it’s probably typical of AFOLs. Some of the best sets have been discontinued, which means eBay gets lots of business from Lego hoarders.



So that’s me. Yeah, it’s pretty geeky. But take it from me, Lego is like the dark side of the force: You don’t know its power until you indulge it.

Go on. Buy a set. Then see if you can stop.

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