All Hallow's Eve

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You know what this post has to be about. Like the Kurgan said, “Happy Halloween, ladies!”

I might as well set the tone right out of the gate. This is kind of fun, although not for the squeamish:

This is awesome beyond belief, especially for fans of the movie Aliens:

Holy sweet mother of…this is cute. If you don’t think this is cute, you’re a bad, bad person:

More on the creative end of the pet costume scale, there’s this:,1600,1,0,0&w=1600&h=1600&ei=2huRUPbFOdOP0QH6goDABQ&zoom=1&iact=hc&vpx=530&vpy=106&dur=101&hovh=225&hovw=225&tx=117&ty=103&sig=108240981346608372846&page=5&tbnh=150&tbnw=150&ndsp=24&ved=1t:429,i:4

…and this:,i:148

Who wins in a horror movie villain matchup? These were the contenders:

And the winner was, what, Freddie Krueger? Really?

Treats for gourmands:

Tame/lame tricks for pranksters:

(Am I the only one who thinks the onion switcheroo, or the silent stranger act would result in someone getting punched in the nose?)

If monsters are scary, big monsters are really scary:

Haunted houses have their own home here:

What frightened you as a child?

For the hypochondriacs, a long list of phobias to obsess over:

And finally, a dude who needs no costume:


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