Liars, crooks and miscreants

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Dirtbags aplenty to report on today.

Let’s start with the fast food industry. I read somewhere there’s a push on to create a new meal time – I think they call it midnight breakfast, or something. McDonald’s is on that train, apparently.

But Taco Bell’s offering is well within the traditional breakfast time zone, and even includes orange juice…along with a nourishing helping of Mountain Dew: -common/news/sections/newsarticle.html?feed=104777&article=10393634

The Mountain Dew AM is a mix of soda pop and orange juice. Sounds yummy. In case you haven’t heard, Mountain Dew is in league with Satan:

When is Pepsi gonna do the right thing and just flat out stop making this stuff? (…he says with a can of Diet Pepsi on his desk).

According to a poll we recently ran on our homepage, Amherstonians would overwhelmingly vote for Obama if they were American. I don’t like either of the two parties or their candidates. But for those who think Democrats are somehow nobler or more honest than Republicans, drop by Fact Check for the real goods:

Dangerous people don’t get to fly. I understand that. But this kid with Down syndrome was allowed to fly – just not in first class, on the first plane his parents bought tickets for. The pilot wouldn’t allow him on because of erratic behavior (the pilot’s claim):

Every parent thinks their kid is a darling and people lie all the time. So I’ll allow it’s possible there’s merit to the pilot’s claim. But that possibility is seriously undermined given that another airline did let him fly. If the kid was acting wild, I don’t think they would have. But before we praise the second airline, get this: they made him sit in the back row, two rows apart from other passengers. My guess: The parents are probably right – good chance their family had a run-in with a whole whack ‘o’ bigoted morons.

I know, I know, many of you will read this next item and think, ‘Those crazy Americans with their crazy healthcare’. But guess what? Our healthcare, while not as expensive as the U.S.’s, is still among the most expensive in the world, and the money to pay for it doesn’t magically appear, it comes from tax revenues. Yes, Dignity Health is gouging, perhaps more than most, but it would be a mistake to assume serious cost inflation doesn’t happen here:

And one of these mean-spirited diatribes wouldn’t be complete without a jab at overbearing bureaucrats. Think you can just give away free bottles of water to passersby? Not in Phoenix, you can’t:



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