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Idiocy isn’t limited to small-minded bureaucrats in North America, of course, although one could devote a lifetime to chronicling examples. No, it’s fair to say morons are spread throughout the world.

Let’s visit Pakistan, shall we. An 11-year old girl with Down’s syndrome has been arrested for burning pages of the Koran. But don’t blame the police – if they hadn’t locked her up, she might have been murdered by a lynch mob:

The Inquisition wasn’t justifiable when it happened hundreds of years ago, yet here we are: a rover is searching for life on Mars, while religious extremists search for heretics on the streets of Islamabad. At least Pakistan doesn’t have nuclear weapons…by which I mean it does:

The Ukraine is investigating allegations SpongeBob Squarepants promotes homosexuality:

I have no idea what the basis of the accusation is, nor do I care. The issue isn’t whether or not it promotes a gay lifestyle, it’s that the Ukraine investigates whether shows promote gay lifestyles. Granted, SpongeBob Asslesschaps would be a bit much for children…but whatever closeted desires Mr. Bob may secretly have, the few times I’ve seen snippets of the program, it was hard to detect any sexual agenda whatsoever, straight, gay or interspecies.

If you’re feeling like a visit to crazy town, aka Pyonyang, look no further than this “news” agency:

And just to end this litany of wrong-ness back on North America’s shores, we have this staggering story, which miraculously marries the horrendous to the utterly spellbinding: toddler fight club (

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