To infinity and beyond

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I’m excited about the Martian rover, Curiosity:

No, that’s an understatement. I think landing robots on Mars is just flat out awesome. Let’s send more. Let’s send people. Let’s send people to Jupiter, Pluto and beyond.

I like sci-fi, sure. Quite a bit, actually, but I’m not a super-hardcore sci-fi geek. The thing is, this isn’t sci-fi, this is sci-fi becoming sci-real. Watch this video – after sitting through an annoying commercial – and try to tell me this isn’t the stuff of Star Wars movies:

So what are we waiting for? Somebody needs to convene a global space summit, and every nation should agree to divert 10-per cent of their military spending to space exploration. That should be easy to agree on, right?

Mind you, just 10-per cent. The last thing we want to do is disarm. The aliens may already be among us. For your consideration, ladies and gentlemen:

Exhibit A:

…and Exhibit B:


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