Killer robots

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I’m not going to pretend to have a theme today, other than the general mayhem and chaos I so enjoy reading and reporting about.

For example, while Upper Nappan has been the scene of some postal hijinks this past week, the real news is south of the border. The U.S. Postal Service is bankrupt! They have a $5.5 billion bill due today they can’t pay, and another bill for $5.6 billion they won’t be able to afford at the end of September:

“Honey, did you see this bill? It’s for almost six billion. That can’t be right, can it? But we’re already short for cable…”

Holy sweet mother of Junipers! The Japanese have turned their inventing skills to making Giant Death Robots of Killing. Best of all, this one can be controlled with a smartphone:

Every winter, it seems, we lose power during a storm for a few hours. India is also subject to power outages. A recent one only lasted five hours, but impacted 600 million people - - or roughly the entire population of North America, give or take a hundred million.

Interesting editorial on the rise of state power in the U.S., including surveillance and extrajudicial killing by government. George W was Satan in most Canadians’ books, but Obama doubled-down on some of Bush’s initiatives:

And in a laughable case of corporate welfare/knee-jerk, vapid patriotism, the Quebec government will take steps to try and prevent Lowe’s from buying Rona:

Finally, because everyone else on the Internet gets to do it, a bunch of cute animal babies:



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