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His ancestor was a pre-Confederation war hero. But the land given to Frank Meyers great-great-great-whatever is being taken by the federal government: expropriated to expand a training facility for Canada’s commandoes, JTF-2. (


Meyers has farmed the property for seven decades. But don’t worry, Rona Ambrose will make sure he receives “fair compensation.” My guess is fair compensation will be anything but fair. Market value doesn’t compensate for history.

Nazis are back. Only they’re called Golden Dawn and they’re Greek:

It’s too bad about Greece. Great history, great philosophy, great architecture. But they spent themselves into the ground. Still, while the nation’s circumstances have made it ripe for the growth of extremism, one would hope voters wouldn’t fall for such transparent fascism. Some comfort: GD's still in the single digits for voter support.

An Ontario municipality outside Ottawa passed a by-law requiring businesses to post outdoor signage in both official languages, equally prominently. A Francophone and Anglophone took the by-law to court – and lost: Bill 101 has come to Ontario, apparently.

Which leads me to my last item: I post this just because it’s awesome, and just because I saw it for the very first time tonight, and just because Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act has finally been eradicated. Here’s Ezra Levant speaking the way free people should:

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