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(And then there is this surplus post - out of date, never online, but a fascinating glimpse into the voice of the long and storied blog, Chicken Little.

Seriously, this is back story - skip ahead to a new post if missing missiles and sniper records are of no interest...)


On the day that saw an experimental Russian passenger jet disappear in southeast Asia – all 40-plus passengers lost, presumably – the Washington Post ran this story about shoulder-launched missiles missing in Libya: About 15,000 are unaccounted for, and there are reports of hundreds of those already being in the black market. When the CIA was initially alerted to the problem, apparently nothing was done. No connection to the lost Russian plane, presumably, but still: What are the chances a passenger plane WON’T get knocked from the sky by one of these?

Speaking of deadly weapons, USA Today has an interesting little story on snipers in today’s edition: Apparently the centuries-old tradition of waging untraditional warfare with marksmen is seeing a reboot in 2012, with snipers being credited as force multipliers in overseas American deployments. No news, really, but a neat little piece, with cool sniper graphics. Canadians have had some success with snipers, too. Corporal Rob Furlong held a world record – now displaced – for a confirmed sniper kill at 2.43 kilometres while deployed in Afghanistan.

I deplore violence, of course, and blah blah peace blah blah outrageous blah blah blah unacceptable blah violence.

Have I made myself clear?



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