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This Flight Tonight - Nazareth This Flight Tonight (I picked this Nazareth song because I recently learned that it was originally written and performed by Joni Mitchell. I thought that was pretty cool.) Here’s Nazareth Here’s Joni Mitchell Nazareth reminds me of summer nights growing up in Ogden, a neighborhood in Calgary. Summer nights in Calgary aren’t like summer nights in Nova Scotia. Summer nights in Calgary are more cool and crisp. The higher elevation in Calgary forces the nighttime temperature to dip lower than it does here on the East Coast. There were only a few nights in the summer where I would go out wearing only shorts and a t-shirt. The cool nights usually forced me to put on jeans and a jacket. I grew up in subsidized housing in Calgary where there were tons of kids. (and very few fathers. Like I’ve said in many of these blogs, there was very little supervision and we grew up like feral children). Nazareth reminds of summer nights in Grades 5, 6 and 7, because it was these summer nights when it seemed that everybody’s door was open to everybody else’s door, and every home I visited seemed to have Nazareth’s Greatest Hits sitting atop their record collection. There always seemed to be about five or 10 of us kids crammed into each other’s homes on summer nights, playing cards, eating chips, drinking pop and listening to music. It was around this time that I took up smoking on a regular basis. I liked the idea of…

Photo : D.S. Mathieson August 26, 2013

E.L. Sparling - Chicken Little

Thanks and good-bye - First, a thank you to Buzzfeed for all the cool links I’ve used in this blog. Here are today’s favourites… Love outer space: Funny, informative and inappropriate (that means don’t watch it if you get upset about stuff): Cool story, heartfelt rendition of a national anthem, and a ukulele (ukulele is awesome): Fark has been another go-to site for ideas. This morning’s picks… “I’m here for happy hour. Growl.”: I get it, I really do. Gender identity and biology are not the same. But I don’t know that I’m quite here yet: I’m not saying GQ’s right, but it’s worth hearing them out: I dunno…is this really that stupid, or more bold-foolish/dangerous/funny? Sometimes I pilfered ideas from Salon or Slate. This one comes from Slate (I haven’t thought deeply on the writer’s argument, I just know summer vacation is awesome so he must be wrong): The Globe and Mail didn’t get as many links as the Post, but today they’re saying Canadians have never been richer: …While the National Post said (yesterday) poverty has dropped significantly: And that’s all she wrote, folks. I’ve enjoyed penning these posts. Thanks for reading!

Photo : E.L. Sparling July 25, 2013