Marge Simpson into curling No, not her hair. Yes, the Olympic sport

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VANCOUVER - When you think of Marge Simpson and curling, it's probably the elaborate beehive hairdo that springs to mind.
But there she was on Sunday's episode of "The Simpsons" showing off a natural talent for the on-ice sport while husband Homer, predictably, proved to be a disaster.
The on-ice shenanigans of one of TV's most famous couples turned out to be a major talking point for Olympic curlers Monday as they prepared to begin battle on Tuesday.
"Pack your winter coat, we're going to Canada's warmest city," says Homer after he and Marge join a team along with Principal Skinner and his mother.
"Let's give the Olympics a miracle - only this time on ice," he says later on the show.
Jackie Lockhart, the third for Britain and a former world champion, said it doesn't matter if her sport was being made fun of.
"You don't want bad publicity but to laugh with it and laugh at it - it's great to just have a heartbeat," Lockhart said. "It means that we have been recognized."
Ed Lukowich, a two-time Canadian champion and a former world champion, said the sport has come a long way in the eyes of the public.
"I like the idea of them doing it," he said. "It's terrific. I think for years curling was just ignored in anything like that. In commercials it was ignored, in everything it was ignored.
"The only time curling was ever spoken of was when somebody decided to make fun of it and usually not in a very kind way."
Members of the U.S. men's team got together to watch the episode.
"I thought the show did a good job of getting out to a new audience and maybe introducing the game to a new audience," said coach Phil Drobnick.
"For the most part they ripped on it but would always come back with something really good about the sport."
In the episode, Homer and Marge form a mixed doubles curling team with Principal Skinner and his mother, who are experienced curlers. It turns out that Marge is a natural, while Homer is a disaster on the ice. Marge is faced with a difficult decision: Possibly win a medal by asking Homer to leave the team or ruin their chances by keeping him.
Writers from "The Simpsons" actually spent an afternoon at a southern California curling club to pick up the nuances of the sport.
They may not have completely succeeded. Jill Officer, who plays second for reigning Canadian champion Jennifer Jones, sent out tweets after the show.
"Curling on The Simpsons is great exposure for our wonderful sport," she said, before adding: "The lingo is a little off. They shoulda consulted a real curler."

Geographic location: Southern California, VANCOUVER, Canada Britain U.S.

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