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Results of the survey

With a new coach and overhauled lineup, how do you think the Amherst CIBC Wood Gundy Ramblers will do this season?

  • 8% They'll compete for division title
  • 40% They'll make the playoffs
  • 51% They won't make the playoffs

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How often do you give to charity

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Which issue matters most to you in the next municipal election?

  • 3% Tourism
  • 52% Jobs
  • 8% Roads
  • 37% Taxes

How often do you check your fire alarm batteries

  • 0% Once a month
  • 17% Every couple of months
  • 70% Once a year
  • 13% Don’t own a fire alarm

Should politicians be accountable for their actions outside of government business?

  • 87% Yes
  • 8% No
  • 5% Undecided

Does the outcome of the next U.S. election concern you?

  • 62% Yes, it will impact our country
  • 38% Not really, but its fun to watch

Do you think Nova Scotia will have a fall election?

  • 56% Yes
  • 44% No

Where are you spending your summer vacation this year?

  • 52% Close to home
  • 16% Elsewhere in Nova Scotia
  • 18% Out of province
  • 14% Out of country

Do you think crime is going up in Cumberland County?

  • 45% Yes it is
  • 34% It's the same as always
  • 21% There's not as much crime

Are you playing Pokemon Go

  • 7% Yes, as much as I can
  • 4% I'm going to
  • 89% No interest

Will you be attending any family get-togethers this summer?

  • 57% Yes
  • 43% No

Do you think the Toronto Blue Jays will make the playoffs?

  • 46% Yes, they will win the division
  • 27% Yes, they will make it via the wildcard
  • 27% No, they will finish out of the playoffs