Town should change cleanup dates

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To the Editor,

To comment on Friday, May 23 Amherst News editorial on 'Town needs to stop caving on special waste collection' and 'Amherst to conduct one last sweep for spring cleanup waste', I want to provide my thoughts.

Perusal of past year cleanup dates indicate pickup can start as early as mid-April or occur as late as end of April. Each year, I complain to my husband that this April timeframe is far too early to get things together with the result we are scrambling to put our stuff out on time.

As residents who look forward to clearing up excess, we have to make it a point to have our bulk items/debris put curbside in time for collection, but each year it's a rush as it is so often dependent on weather conditions.

Being retirees, we have more free time to do this yet it is still a rush every year. For those employed, it could prove more difficult.

The solution to me is straightforward and simple, unless I'm missing something, and that is change the date. Knowing there are many who want to open up their cottages and have things cleaned up beforehand, and knowing there are many just returning from their snowbird time, I suggest the bulky items be picked up no sooner than the third week in May, followed by C&D, then yard waste.

The town will always have those people who will miss the week: some for good reason and others because they lack community awareness.

Those people are everywhere affecting every process known to mankind and unless they are fined significantly or make the connection to join the world, they will always be around.

It is not the town's place to pick up after them unless they then add that extra cost to a town controlled bill such as water or tax, or charge them under unsightly premises act.

To add a further pickup is counter productive in that it reaffirms they need not comply to the first pickup.

I see no issue whatsoever in sending registered letters and indeed, as a taxpayer, I have little patience for deliberate acts which end up costing me.

Sheila Graham, Amherst


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