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To the editor;
One of the things I do when I get bored with all the truth cascading over us from myriad sources is to browse through a couple of 19th century medical health books in my library. Uppermost in every article is the absolute refusal to admit that a disease could not be cured. I was reminded of this once commonplace claim again in reading the article, 'A natural approach to combating H1N1,' (Amherst Daily News, Nov. 30)
The above-mentioned medical books could be published those years ago because there were no laws governing false advertising or the claims of snake oil makers. But, alas, the scam lives on. Let's examine a few of the MacDonald's JTW Natural Health Guidance Centre claims:
• A single bottle of pop kills your immune system for six hours. Wow! I don't suppose the greatest research laboratory in the world could come up with accuracy like that.
• The quoted statistics are mind boggling: 90 per cent of sick people can get well using natural remedies, including sufferers of the common cold and terminal cancer. And then comes the pitch for the MacDonald favourite remedy: oregano oil. One should hope it is free, like the H1N1 flu shot, for who would put their faith in a highly dubious and untested remedy over one that is tried and tested?
I would suggest that the MacDonalds publish a few testimonials, like who was cured of terminal cancer using this oil; or where they arrived at the sugar induced destruction of the immune system? If they are right about that claim, there are a lot of dead immune systems out here.
John G. McKay, Amherst

Organizations: MacDonald, Amherst Daily News, JTW Natural Health Guidance Centre

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