Will it be integrity or all aboard the gravy train?

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To the Editor,

Having been brought up in Cumberland County, where I still have a summer cottage, I have always accepted what seemed to be a given; Cumberland County votes for whoever is running for the Tories.
When I first became aware of politics as a young person, the sitting member, who seemed to be there forever, was one Mr. P.C. Black. For some years I thought that P.C. in front of his name meant Progressive Conservative, he was in office so long.
The almost unbroken string of Tories did come to an end at last when the voters realized that the Tory party of old is but a memory, replaced by the reform/alliance people calling themselves Conservative, Harper hadn't reckoned on inheriting a man of integrity who stood up for what was right and not for what was expedient.
Bill Casey was, as we know, returned as an independent MP due to the recognition of the fact that the Harper people care nothing for us in this region.
My question is: will the voters of this riding now revert to the old ways and elect what they perceive as a Tory? Or will they vote for the Harper puppet to make sure they get on the gravy train of handouts?
Will they not look down the track to see what will happen when the train changes engines, as it is bound to do? Is there a chance the voters here will again reject the Harper puppet in favour of a person who can represent the riding in the manner in which Mr. Casey did, with dignity, honesty and concern?
I, for one, will not be surprised to see the old ways return as habit is a difficult thing to alter for more than a short time.
K.E. Goudge, Fall River, NS
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